The Wreath Necklace is a non-member land clothing item. It can be purchased at Jam Mart Clothing during the Jamaalidays and was first released in December 2010.


The Wreath Necklace appears to be a big wreath decorated with a large bow and many round decorations. This item comes in nine different color varieties, including the rare variant.


  • It can be won in the Trading Party Claw Machines and Sky High.
  • It was relocated to the Shiveer Shoppe on its second release in 2011, but it returned to Jam Mart Clothing in 2012.
  • It was originally sold for 150 Gems, but this was changed to its current price in 2015.
  • The Rare Wreath Necklace was released in December 2015 as a prize for the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure.
  • Its seventh release started on December 8, 2016.
  • It can be won in The Forgotten Desert.
  • It is a possible prize from nearly all animal passages in the land Adventures.


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