Not to be confused with the Spring Worn Blanket.

The Worn Blanket is a non-member clothing item that is worn on the back. It was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing and was first released on October 4, 2010. It later went on clearance in 2011 and became available to certain Hard Mode Adventures.


This is a thin, ragged blanket with holes mostly around the center. It is shown to drape over the Jammer's back when worn. This item comes in ten different varieties, two of which are rare variants.


  • This item is often mistaken for a beta item, but it was released a month after Beta Testing ended.
  • Like the Shark Fin and Beard, it has two rare versions.
  • The purple Rare Worn Blanket was released at the Leap Year Party on February 29, 2012.
    • When the Leap Year version was released, it did not have a golden "Rare" tag; this tag was added to the item later in 2012.
  • The light-blue Rare Worn Blanket was released in Jam Mart Clothing for Rare Item Monday on June 9, 2014. This Worn Blanket is a light blue color, and also has a rare tag.
    • The Rare Item Monday version was mistakenly called the "Ocean Blue Rare Worn Blanket" on the Daily Explorer instead of its proper name.
  • During the Spring Collection sale that occurred during February of 2017 in the Diamond Shop, there was a spring version of this item released called the Spring Worn Blanket.
  • It can still be obtained as a random prize from some of the Hard Mode Adventures, some of the restricted passage treasure chests in Adventures, the prize chest in Sky High, and also The Forgotten Desert.
  • Greely, the Wolf Alpha, wears a purple worn blanket. It is usually shown blowing off to the side in wind, but it is sometimes not shown at all.


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