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The Worn Blanket is a non-member clothing item that is worn on the back. It was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing and was first released on October 4, 2010.


The Worn Blanket is a thin, ragged blanket with holes in it. It is shown to drape over the Jammer's back when worn. This item comes in ten different varieties, two of which are rare variants.


  • This item is often mistaken for a beta item, but it was released a month after Beta Testing ended.
  • Like the Shark Fin and Beard, it has two rare versions.
  • The purple Rare Worn Blanket was released at the Leap Year Party on February 29, 2012. Its is the least common color
    • When the Leap Year version was released, it did not have a golden "Rare" tag; this tag was added to the item later in 2012.
  • The light-blue Rare Worn Blanket was released in Jam Mart Clothing for Rare Item Monday on June 9, 2014. This Worn Blanket is a light blue color, and also has a rare tag.
    • The Rare Item Monday version was mistakenly called the Ocean Blue Rare Worn Blanket on the Daily Explorer instead of its proper name.
  • Worn Blankets can be recycled for 15 Gems.
  • It can still be obtained as a random prize from some of the Hard Mode Adventures, some of the Animal Passage treasure chests, and also The Forgotten Desert.
  • Greely wears a purple worn blanket. Which is the least common color. Some believe that a jammer stole greelys blanket in 2012 for the leap year party.


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