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The Worn Blanket, commonly known as Worn, is a non-member clothing item that is worn on the back. It was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing. Greely wears a purple worn blanket. Sir Gilbert also wears a red worn blanket.  


The Worn Blanket is a thin, ragged blanket with holes in it. It is shown to drape over the Jammer's back when worn. This item comes in ten different varieties. Its tears and "droopiness" give the item its name.


  • The Worn Blanket was first released on October 4, 2010.
  • This item was originally called the "Sleek Worn", but was later changed on its second release in 2011 to "Old Blanket". It achieved its current name, "Worn Blanket", in 2012.
  • Upon the time of this item's first release, there were only four varieties; upon its second release, three more colors were revealed.
  • This item has mistakenly been referred to being a Beta Item, as it was released a month after Beta Testing ended.
  • Like the Shark Fin andBeard, it has two Rare Versions.
    • The first was released at the Leap Year Party on February 23, 2012. This Worn Blanket is light purple, and has a rare tag.
    • The second was released at Jam Mart Clothing for Rare Item Monday on June 9, 2014. This Worn Blanket is a light blue color, and also has a rare tag.
  • The second released Rare Version was mistakenly called the Ocean Blue Rare Worn Blanket on the Daily Explorer instead of its proper name.
  • Worn Blankets can be recycled for 15 Gems.
  • It can be obtained in many different adventures especially in the Return of the Phantoms (Hard Mode) in the Arctic Wolf Passage and in the treasure chests given at the end of the adventure.


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