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Species: Gray Wolf
Cost: 1,000 Gems
Alpha: Greely
Release Date: July 17th, 2010
Origin: Jamaa Township



The Wolf is a non-member land animal. This animal is one of the six original animals that were at the beginning of Animal Jam. They're related to the Arctic Wolf. The Wolf Alpha is Greely.

Default Appearance (In-Game):

When you first buy one or start Animal Jam with the wolf, it has royal-blue fur with a vanilla white underside and small round eyes, as well as a darker royal-blue nose, maroon-pink ear-insides and lavender paw-pads. Of course, you can change the colors afterwards. All wolves have a a slouched back and a tall appearance, with sharp fangs. Wolves also appear to be very thin.  


  • :Sit: - Sits, bottom is slightly off the ground.
  • :Dance: - Dance, possibly a tribute to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Dance. 
  • :Play: - Throws back its head and howls, hunching it's head in the process.
  • :Hop: - Jumps up and down repeatedly, tail and head fling up and down.
  • :Sleep: - Sleeps straight out, front paws tucked under head.


  • The special plushies for the Wolf include a Chicken Hat, Antenna, and a Lightning Bolt added on the the normal plushie.
  • In Greely's Inferno there is a cave which only Wolves can open, making it the fourth non-member animal with its own cave.
  • They are one of the few animal to have a default appearance changed. In this case the flat ebony eyes to round eyes. Other animals that had their default appearance changed are Horses, Seals, and the other animals first seen during Beta Testing.
  • Their original default form during Beta Testing the wolf had red eyes.


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