The first Wild Weekend advertisement, as shown in the Jamaa Journal,

Wild Weekend is a recurring event that started on March 30, 2017. During this event, new items are sold just for the weekend (4 days). The sale typically takes place in the Diamond Shop, but sometimes sale items are also released in other shops like Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. The items sold typically follow a specific theme and are often brand new but some of them are just variations of existing items.

Ridiculous Rares

The Ridiculous Rares were sold from March 30, 2017, through April 2, 2017. Unlike the events that followed, this Wild Weekend sold each item for one day only with different items sold on each of the 4 days.

Jam Mart Clothing

Items Type? Members-Only? Gems Release?
Rare Cheese Hat Rare Cheese Hat 1Head No 800 March 30, 2017
Rare Candy Necklace Rare Candy Necklace 2Neck No 700 March 31, 2017
Rare Umbrella Hat Rare Umbrella Hat 1Head No 3000 April 1, 2017

Diamond Shop

Items Type? Members-Only? Diamond Release?
Rare Giant Paws Rare Giant Paws 4Legs Yes 3 March 30, 2017
Rare Feather Tail Rare Feather Tail 5Tail Yes 2 March 31, 2017
Rare Feather Necklace Rare Feather Necklace 2Neck Yes 2 April 1, 2017
Rare Smol Top Hat Rare Smol Top Hat 1Head No 2 April 2, 2017
Rare Lucky Grass Claws Rare Lucky Grass Claws 4Legs Yes 3 April 2, 2017

Spring Phantoms

Jamaa-Journal Vol-195 Wild-Weekend

The Spring Phantoms collection was sold from April 6, 2017, through April 9, 2017.

Den Items

Items Members-Only? Diamond
Phantom Flower Garden Phantom Flower Garden No 2
Spring Phantom Spring Phantom No 1
Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Yes 2
Phantom Sprinkler1 Phantom Sprinkler Yes 3
Spring Phantom Fountain Spring Phantom Fountain No 3
Spring Phantom Hammock Spring Phantom Hammock Yes 2
Spring Phantom Lawn Chair Spring Phantom Lawn Chair Yes 1
Spring Phantom Lawn Sofa Spring Phantom Lawn Sofa Yes 4

Clothing Items

Items Type? Members-Only? Diamond
Spring Phantom Hat Spring Phantom Hat 1Head Yes 2
Spring Phantom Headband Spring Phantom Headband 1Head No 2

New Gloves

Jamaa-Journal Vol-198 page-1 17-05-18

The New Gloves were sold for the weekend starting on May 18, 2017.

Name Type? Members-Only? Diamond
Unicorn Glove Unicorn Glove 4Legs Yes 3
Phantom Glove Phantom Glove 4Legs Yes 3
Custom Glove Custom Glove 4Legs Yes 3
Diamond-Shop Mega-Glove-3000 purple Mega-Glove 3000 4Legs No 3

Tail Sale


The Tail Sale occurred from June 8, 2017, through June 11, 2017.

Name Type? Members-Only? Diamond
Dragon Tail red Dragon Tail 5Tail Yes 3
Three Horned Tail Armor black Three Horned Tail Armor 5Tail Yes 3
Double Tail white Double Tail 5Tail Yes 3
Skunk Tail black Skunk Tail 5Tail No 3

Sunshine Outfit

Jamaa Journal Sunshine Outfit

The Sunshine Outfit was sold for the weekend starting on June 15, 2017.

Outfit Set Type? Diamond Members-Only?
Sunbeam shirt Sunbeam Shirt 3Body Yes 2
Sunbrero Sunbrero 1Head Yes 2
Sunlight tail ornaments Sunlight Tail Ornaments 5Tail No 2
Sunshine Glove Sunshine Glove 4Legs Yes 1
Sunflower Necklace Sunflower Necklace 2Neck Yes 1

Spike Sale

Jamaa-Journal Vol-202 page-1 17-06-22

The Spike Sale occurred from June 22, 2017, through June 25, 2017.

Name Type? Diamond Members-Only?
Ancient spike collar2 Ancient Spiked Collar 2Neck 3 Yes
Ancient Spiked Wristband red Ancient Spiked Wristband 4Legs 3 Yes
Spikedspikedcollar Spiked Spiked Collar 2Neck 3 Yes
Spikespikewrstgreen Spiked Spiked Wristband 4Legs 3 Yes
Wornspikeorange Worn Spiked Collar 2Neck 3 No
Wornwristorange Worn Spiked Wristband 4Legs 3 No
Diamond-Shop Double-Spiked-Collar cyan Double Spiked Collar 2Neck 3 Yes
Doubledwristcyan Double Spiked Wristband 4Legs 3 Yes


Jamaa Journal Panda Collection

The Pandamonium set was sold from July 6, 2017, through July 9, 2017. It consists of panda-themed den items.

Jam Mart Furniture

Den Items Gems Members-Only
Panda parasol 1 Panda Parasol 650 No
Panda lamp 1 Panda Lamp 400 Yes
Panda rug 1 Panda Rug 400 No
Panda window 1 Panda Window 550 Yes
Bamboo flute 1 Bamboo Flute 450 Yes
Panda armoire 1 Panda Armoire 750 Yes

Diamond Shop

Den Items Diamond Members-Only
Panda Sofa Panda Sofa 2 Yes
Panda Chair Panda Chair 1 No
Panda Beanbag Chair Panda Beanbag Chair 1 Yes

Graham's Gizmos


Graham's Gizmos were sold from July 20, 2017, through July 23, 2017. This set consists of steampunk-themed items that relate to Graham's obsession with machines.

Jam Mart Furniture

Den Items Gems Members-Only
Mechanized Contraption Mechanized Contraption 700 Yes
Mechanized Workshop Mechanized Workshop 750 Yes
Mechanized Dance Floor Mechanized Dance Floor 800 Yes
Mechanized Fence Gate Mechanized Fence Gate 450 Yes
Mechanized Fence Mechanized Fence 400 Yes
Mechanized Vanity Mechanized Vanity 600 Yes
Mechanized Armoire Mechanized Armoire 550 Yes
Mechanized Window Mechanized Window 450 No
Mechanized Rug Mechanized Rug 450 No
Mechanized Lamp Mechanized Lamp 500 No
Mechanized Chair Mechanized Chair 550 Yes
Mechanized Table Mechanized Table 600 Yes

Diamond Shop

Den Items Diamond Members-Only
Graham's Telescope Graham's Telescope 2 Yes
Graham's Mine Graham's Mine 2 Yes
Graham's Throne Graham's Throne 2 Yes
Clothing Type Diamond Members-Only
Grahamsgoggles Graham's Goggles 1Head 1 Yes
Grahamswings Graham's Wings 3Body 2 Yes
Grahamstophat Graham's Top Hat 1Head 2 Yes

New Portals

Wild Weekend New Portals

The New Portals set was sold from July 27, 2017, through July 30, 2017. It consists of eight custom Land Portals.

Items Members-Only? Diamond
Jamaa Township Portal red Jamaa Township Portal No 1
Crystal Sands Portal red Crystal Sands Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Appondale-Portal red Appondale Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Sarepia-Forest-Portal red Sarepia Forest Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Mt-Shiveer-Portal red Mt. Shiveer Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Lost-Temple-Of-Zios-Portal red Lost Temple Of Zios Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Kimbara-Outback-Portal red Kimbara Outback Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Coral-Canyons-Portal red Coral Canyons Portal Yes 1

Ocean Plushies


The Ocean Plushies set was sold from August 3, 2017, through August 6, 2017. It consists of four ocean claws.

Items Members-Only? Diamond
TheOctopusClaw The Octopus Claw Yes 3
The Shark Claw The Shark Claw Yes 3
The Sea Turtle Claw The Sea Turtle Claw No 3
The dolphin claw The Dolphin Claw Yes 3

Fantastic Felines


The Fantastic Felines set and the Ferocious Feline Armor Set were sold from August 10, 2017, through August 13, 2017. These sets consist of cat-themed clothing and den items.

Jam Mart Furniture

Items Members-Only? Gems
Cat Perch Window Cat Perch Window No 550
Giant Ball of Yarn Giant Ball of Yarn Yes 550
Giant Cat Pillow Giant Cat Pillow Yes 880
Giant Cat Tunnel Giant Cat Tunnel Yes 650
Giant Mouse Toy Giant Mouse Toy No 600
Large Scratching Post Large Scratching Post Yes 550

Diamond Shop

Items Members-Only? Diamond
Cat Archway Cat Archway Yes 2
Giant Cat Tower Giant Cat Tower Yes 2
Waterfall Cat Feeder Waterfall Cat Feeder Yes 2
Name Type? Diamond Members-Only?
Ferocious Feline Hat Ferocious Feline Hat 1Head 2 Yes
Feline collar Ferocious Feline Collar 2Neck 1 Yes
DS Ferocious-Feline-Fur orange Ferocious Feline Fur 3Body 3 Yes
FelineClawsAJ Ferocious Feline Paws 4Legs 1 Yes
Ferocious Feline Tail Ferocious Feline Tail 5Tail 2 Yes