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Wild Weekend is a recurring event that started on March 30, 2017. During this event, new items are sold in the Diamond Shop just for the weekend (4 days). The items sold typically follow a specific theme and are often brand new but some of them are just variations of existing items.

Ridiculous Rares

The Ridiculous Rares were sold from March 30, 2017, through April 2, 2017. Unlike the events that followed, this Wild Weekend sold each item for one day only with different items sold on each of the 4 days.

Jam Mart Clothing

Items Type? Members-Only? Gems Release?
Rare Cheese Hat Rare Cheese Hat Head No 800 March 30, 2017
Rare Candy Necklace Rare Candy Necklace Neck No 700 March 31, 2017
Rare Umbrella Hat Rare Umbrella Hat Head No 3000 April 1, 2017

Diamond Shop

Items Type? Members-Only? Diamond Release?
Rare Giant Paws Rare Giant Paws Legs Yes 3 March 30, 2017
Rare Feather Tail Rare Feather Tail Tail Yes 2 March 31, 2017
Rare Feather Necklace Rare Feather Necklace Neck Yes 2 April 1, 2017
Rare Smol Top Hat Rare Smol Top Hat Head No 2 April 2, 2017
Rare Lucky Grass Claws Rare Lucky Grass Claws Legs Yes 3 April 2, 2017

Spring Phantoms

Jamaa-Journal Vol-195 Wild-Weekend

The Spring Phantoms collection was sold from April 6, 2017, through April 9, 2017.

Den Items

Items Members-Only? Diamond
Spring Phantom Spring Phantom No 1
Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Yes 2
Spring Phantom Fountain Spring Phantom Fountain No 3
Spring Phantom Hammock Spring Phantom Hammock Yes 2
Spring Phantom Lawn Chair Spring Phantom Lawn Chair Yes 1
Spring Phantom Lawn Sofa Spring Phantom Lawn Sofa Yes 4

Clothing Items

Items Type? Members-Only? Diamond
Spring Phantom Hat Spring Phantom Hat Head Yes 2
SPH Spring Phantom Headband Head No 2

New Gloves

Jamaa-Journal Vol-198 page-1 17-05-18

The New Gloves were sold for the weekend starting on May 18, 2017.

Name Type? Members-Only? Diamond
Unicorn Glove Unicorn Glove Legs Yes 3
Phantom Glove Phantom Glove Legs Yes 3
Custom Glove Custom Glove Legs Yes 3
Diamond-Shop Mega-Glove-3000 purple Mega-Glove 3000 Legs No 3

Tail Sale


The Tail Sale occurred from June 8, 2017, through June 11, 2017.

Name Type? Members-Only? Diamond
Dragon Tail red Dragon Tail Tail Yes 3
Three Horned Tail Armor black Three Horned Tail Armor Tail Yes 3
Double Tail white Double Tail Tail Yes 3
Skunk Tail black Skunk Tail Tail No 3

Sunshine Outfit

Jamaa Journal Sunshine Outfit

The Sunshine Outfit was sold for the weekend starting on June 15, 2017.

Outfit Set Type? Diamond Members-Only?
Sunbeam shirt Sunbeam Shirt Body Yes 2
Sunbrero Sunbrero Head Yes 2
Sunlight tail ornaments Sunlight Tail Ornaments Tail No 2
Sunshine Glove Sunshine Glove Legs Yes 1
Sunflower Necklace Sunflower Necklace Neck Yes 1

Spike Sale

Jamaa-Journal Vol-202 page-1 17-06-22

The Spike Sale occurred from June 22, 2017, through June 25, 2017.

Name Type? Diamond Members-Only?
Ancient spike collar2 Ancient Spiked Collar Neck 3 Yes
Ancient Spiked Wristband red Ancient Spiked Wristband Legs 3 Yes
Spikedspikedcollar Spiked Spiked Collar Neck 3 Yes
Spikespikewrstgreen Spiked Spiked Wristband Legs 3 Yes
Wornspikeorange Worn Spiked Collar Neck 3 No
Wornwristorange Worn Spiked Wristband Legs 3 No
Diamond-Shop Double-Spiked-Collar cyan Double Spiked Collar Neck 3 Yes
Doubledwristcyan Double Spiked Wristband Legs 3 Yes


  • This event is very similar to the Spiked Sale. Both events sold Diamond Shop items for a limited time, but the Spiked Sale always had the theme of Spiked Collars.


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