Water-Well Clean

A well after it has been cleaned.

Well Water can be found in various Adventures and is used to obtain a Watering Can. Most wells initially appear polluted and cannot be used until the player destroys all the Phantom Pipes that pollute the nearby rivers.


Return-of-the-Phantoms Water-Well Polluted

A polluted water well (the well before it's been cleaned).

Each well is short, round and made from grey bricks with a bronze-colored ring around the base. The well is surrounded by a narrow stone path with a few pieces of grass sticking up. The cleaned well has turquoise-blue water in it and one flower growing on the side, while the polluted well has dark purple liquid spilling out of the cracks and noxious purple fumes floating up from the center. Both the clean and the polluted wells seem to be missing a brick along the top front edge.


After the Well Water has been cleaned, the player has to click on the paw that hovers over the it to pick up the Watering Can. Each Watering Can may only be used on one plant and watering multiple plants requires multiple trips back and forth to the Well Water.


  • There was an item based on this that was rewarded during the beta testing of the adventures, it was called the Beta Well.

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