Icon of Volcano

The Volcano is a members-only land den. It is available in the Den Shop and was released sometime in March 2011.


Hence the name, the Volcano Den is carved out of what appears to be a volcano. In the background there is a mountain range with a few volcanoes. There are two levels in this den. On the larger lower floor is a rift filled with lava, and by the entrance stands a wolf statue. On the top level, there is the mouth of the volcano with a wolf head carved into it. It has glowing eyes and an open mouth. The background on the first floor is an lava-like line pattern.


  • The Volcano Den is one of the least expensive dens in Animal Jam.
  • A Wolf is seen on this den picture when switching dens.
  • This den does not have as much space as other dens, but it is still relatively large.
  • This den is featured in the Wolves Only Party, but the party has another route to the top; on the right, there's another pathway. This does not exist in the real den.
  • Unlike many other dens, there are no unique patterns for the wallpapers and floorings that can be used on this den.

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