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  • Gavinfu2016

    RIP Stephen Hawking

    March 16, 2018 by Gavinfu2016

    This is a little late but...

    Stephen Hawking was a very well known famous scientist who did a huge contribution to the World. He had three childrens including Lucy Hawking. He sufferd from a rare diesese but he went through it. WE WILL MISS YOU STEPHEN!

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  • Gavinfu2016


    December 31, 2017 by Gavinfu2016

    2017 was an amazing year and improvments and was one of my best years. We will truly miss you 2017.

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  • Gavinfu2016

    The Phantoms to do list

    January 31, 2017 by Gavinfu2016

    Takes away a Carnation and replace it with a Primrose and place it on the Treetop Gardens mat and hopes it sell so the Phantoms can take Jammers gems away.

    Destroys everyones love and throw the loves in the bin.

    The Phantoms go to a secret island even Clark does not know it to celebrate all of the remaing Phantoms that they surived 46 days of 2017 but gets worried about Gavinfu2016 coming back from China.

    The Phantoms Celbrate the last day of February

    Phantoms take away the Primrose and replace them with Daffodil

    This plan is secret to find out about this secret plan wait intill 5th of March.

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  • Gavinfu2016

    AJHQ Air

    Aparri Air

    Bep Air

    Jamaa Airlines

    Jamaa Ocean Airlines


    Mt Tour

    Township Air

    Air Phantom

    Jam On!

    Jamaa Cargo 



    Mt Cargo

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  • Gavinfu2016

    Mt. Shiveer Airport

    January 30, 2017 by Gavinfu2016

    The airport opend in 2011

    Jamaa Airlines|Jamaa Township,Coral Canyons,Apodale

    Jamaa Ocean Airlines|Starts soon

    MT Tour|Mt Shiveer Tour

    Jamaa Tours helicopters|Crystal Sands


    Xstenwege Airlines Jamaa|Coral Canyons

    Mt. Shiveer Airport has the most cargo in Jamaa

    Jamaa Cargo|Kani Cove

    JAL|Cyrstal Sands

    Mt. Cargo|Mt Shiveer Tour

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