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  • I live in the chair next to my computer
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is embarrassing myself in public :(
  • I am an unknown species of potato
  • CheesyPotatoes :)
    • 18 mon - jamaaliday wreath hat
    • 19 tues - poinsettia rug
    • 20 wed - jamaaliday gift gate
    • 21 thurs - gingerbread top hat
    • 22 fri - candy cane cocoa mugs
    • 23 sat- milk and cookies
    • 24 sun - candy cane horns
    • 25 mon - jamaaliday dragon mask
    • 26 tues - poofy rug
    • 27 wed - snowflake balloon
    • 28 thurs - snowman in the box
    • 29 fri - icicle horn
    • 30 sat - zios ice statue
    • 31 sun - snowflake stepping stones
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  • CheesyPotatoes :)

    List of Exploits

    September 30, 2017 by CheesyPotatoes :)

    This is a list of exploits on Animal Jam. I include anything that gives/used to give you an advantage in the game, as in anything that gets past restrictions or that you shouldn't be able to do normally. These advantages can be harmful or unharmful. I am not including any well-known, "fun glitch" advantages that will remain unpatched by AJHQ or anything that can exclusively be achieved using an external program (like Cheat Engine).

    The purpose of this is to record the history of exploits and to record any exploits I come across that should come to AJHQ's attention. I am not finished with this list.

    Exploit How to perform Why it's harmful/advantageous
    Getting past obstacles in adventures

    Reset the adventure barrier settings by equipping a pet in…

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  • CheesyPotatoes :)

    For a list of Animal Jam licensees, see this.

    This blog post lists all the (speculated) upcoming merchandise that contain a code to unlock items/pets on Animal Jam. If you think I'm missing anything, feel free to comment or write on my message wall.

    • Penguin Party (ISBN10 1911460013, ISBN13 9781911460015) - "Penguin's planning a party but will it go to plan?" - July 1, 2020
    • Lost Little Giraffe (ISBN10 1911460021, ISBN13 9781911460022) - "Little Giraffe is lost and needs to be found." - July 1, 2020

    • MV Sports is producing sports gear.
      • Cruiser Board (EAN 5017915225904)
      • Folding In-line Scooter (EAN 5017915445500)
      • 16" Bike (EAN 5017915445708)
      • Safety Helmet (EAN 5017915319009)
      • Ramp Helmet (EAN 5017915319108)
      • In-line Skates (EAN 5017915189909)
      • Bicycle Bell (EAN…

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  • CheesyPotatoes :)

    Parties List

    August 2, 2017 by CheesyPotatoes :)

    I've noticed that parties appear in a certain order and that each party gets bumped up 30 minutes every day, meaning each party on the list appears every 1410 minutes (30 [minutes between each party] * 47 [parties], or 24 [hours] * 60 [minutes in an hour] - 30 [minutes between each party]). For example, the Bunnies Only Party appears at 2:00 PM EDT today (August 4, 2017), but yesterday, it appeared at 2:30 PM EDT, 30 minutes later than the time today. The order of parties can change when new parties are added and parties are removed.

    Party Opens at Next opening
    1 Pets Only Party

    2 Cloud Party

    3 AJ Birthday Party

    4 Call of the Alphas

    5 Cruise Ship Party

    6 Best Guess Game

    7 Paradise Party

    8 Schoolhouse Party

    9 AJ Birthday Party

    10 Atlantis Party

    11 Bunn…

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  • CheesyPotatoes :)

    For a list of upcoming promo merchandise, see this.

    Below is a list of Animal Jam licensees. A licensee is a company that holds the right to produce merchandise using Animal Jam artwork/other forms of media and claim that it is affiliated with Animal Jam. Not all licensees produce merchandise that comes with a code.

    If you think I'm missing anything, feel free to comment or write on my message wall.

    Company Examples of Merch. Produced/Being Produced Country(s)
    Commonwealth Toy & Novelty Enchanted Earth US
    Jazwares Core Friends, Adopt A Pet, Best Dressed
    US, UK
    Isaac Morris/CultureFly Animal Jam Box US
    CultureFly/Isaac Morris
    Accessory Innovations "Play Wild" Backpack, "Panda Power" Backpack US
    Palamon Happy Rowdy Wolf costume, Enchanted Magic Bunny cos…

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