The Upside Down Sconce is a members-only land den item. It was first released in March 2012 at the April Fools' Party and it returned to this party during 2014 and 2015. It was also sold at the New Year's Party 2014 and again at the New Year's Party 2015.


The Upside Down Sconce consists of cone-shaped reddish-brown sticks attached to a holder. It has a greenish-brown gripper sticking to the wall. A yellow/orange fire is bursting in flames at the bottom.


  • The Upside Down Sconce is identical to the Wall Torch, except it is flipped upside down.
  • This item is not priced at an amount of Gems that is a multiple of five, unlike most other items.
  • It is part of the Upside Down Collection.

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