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Tunnel Town is a spin-off game from Animal Jam that is an app from the makers of National Geographic Kids and Smart Bomb Interactive. It is available for the Samsung devices, iOS on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


In Tunnel Town, the player can help the bunnies of Jamaa build a secret underground empire. They can dig new tunnels and chambers, then decorate them with toys and furniture their bunnies will really use. The player can even hit the dance floor with different bunny combinations to discover amazing new species.


First, there is digging burrows. You can first start digging by clicking the dig button. You can press squares of earth to dig, and when that is done, bunnies who are not occupied, will start digging. It takes energy to dig, so food is recommended to boost energy. To grow food, go to the surface, where you will see some garden plots. You can plant food there. Carrots are free to plant and take only 30 seconds, but others cost money and take a little more time to grow.


  • A golden bunny, called the Founder Bunny, was a gift to those who downloaded on July 18th-21st, 2013. It was possibly called the Founder Bunny to celebrate Tunnel Town's release and this bunny must be one of those founders.
    • It is possible to breed the Founder Bunny to gain more of it's kind.
    • It is also possible that this bunny is named after the Founder's Hat.
  • Tunnel Town is the first released app that is related Animal Jam. The second one is AJ Jump, and the third is Play Wild.



Join the fun in Tunnel Town!00:49

Join the fun in Tunnel Town!

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