Treetop Gardens is a shop that was introduced on August 30, 2012. It is located in Sarepia Forest near the Sarepia Theater and the game Pill Bugs. This shop sells a variety of plant decorations and plant-themed furniture.


Treetop Gardens appears as a green, flower patterned blanket that is covered with an assortment of plants that were formerly sold at the store. The blanket includes a red "Sale" sign next to the plants.



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Items Gems Members-Only?
Carnation Carnation 350 No
Carnationbouquet Carnation Bouquet 700 Yes
Grass Couch Plain Grass Couch 500 Yes
Grass Chair Plain Grass Chair 450 Yes
Tp1 Tulip Patch 300 Yes
Fountain Sprinkler Fountain Sprinkler 350 Yes
BP00 Bamboo Patch 350 Yes
CFV1 Cactus Fence 300 Yes

Birth Flowers

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Non-Member Gems Members-Only Gems Month
Carnation Carnation 350 Cbblue Carnation Bouquet 700 January
PrRo00 Primrose PrBo01 Primrose Bouquet February
DaDi00 Daffodil DaBo01 Daffodil Bouquet March
SwPe00 Sweet Pea SwPeBo01 Sweet Pea Bouquet April
Lily Of The Valley Lily Of The Valley Lily Of The Valley Bouquet Default Lily Of The Valley Bouquet May
Rose Rose Rose bouquet default 2015 Rose Bouquet June
Larkspur Larkspur Larkspur Bouquet Larkspur Bouquet July
Gladiolus Gladiolus Gladiolus bouquet Gladiolus Bouquet August
Aster Aster Treetop-Gardens Aster-Bouquet Blue Aster Bouquet September
Marigold1 Marigold Marigold bouquet Marigold Bouquet October
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Bouquet 1 Chrysanthemum Bouquet November
Narcissus Narcissus Treetop-Gardens Narcissus-Bouquet Blue Narcissus Bouquet December