Treetop Gardens is a shop that was introduced on August 30, 2012. It is located in Sarepia Forest near the Sarepia Theater and the game Pill Bugs. This shop sells a variety of plant decorations and plant-themed furniture.


Treetop Gardens appears as a green, flower patterned blanket that is covered with an assortment of plants that were formerly sold at the store. The blanket includes a red "Sale" sign next to the plants.


Available Items

List of Available Items
Items Gems Members-Only?
LF01 Leaf Fan 400 No
Leaf Chair Leaf Chair 400 Yes
Leaf Sofa Leaf Sofa 600 Yes
Autumn Leaf Table 1 Autumn Leaf Table 550 Yes
PumpkinPlanter Pumpkin Planter 550 No
Leaf Pile Leaf Pile 350 No
Pumpkin Couch Pumpkin Couch 1,000 Yes
BP00 Bamboo Patch 350 Yes
CFV1 Cactus Fence 300 Yes
Lr1 Leaf Rug 450 Yes

Formerly Sold Items

These items were once sold in Treetop Gardens, but they are no longer available. Many of them are seasonal items that return during certain times of the year.

Formerly Sold Items
Items Gems Members-Only?
Ficus Alii Plant 500 Yes
Aloe Vera Plant Green Aloe Vera Plant 450 Yes
Treetop-Gardens Angry-Jack-O-Lantern Angry Jack-O'-Lantern 250 Yes
Areca Palm Areca Palm 600 Yes
Baby Palm Tree Baby Palm Tree 200 No
Baby Rubber Plant 1 Baby Rubber Plant 700 Yes
Bamboo Bamboo 200 No
BANYAN TREE00 Banyan Tree 500 Yes
BT1 Bonsai Tree 350 No
Cactus 093 Cactus 150 No
Cherrytree00 Cherry Tree 500 Yes
ClPi01 Clover Pinwheel 350 No
Crocus Flowers Crocus Flowers 300 Yes
Dandelion Patch Dandelion Patch 350 Yes
Treetop-Gardens Evil-Jack-O-Lantern Evil Jack-O'-Lantern 200 Yes
Treetop-Gardens Fern Fern 250 Yes
Grass Chair Plain Grass Chair 450 Yes
Grass Couch Plain Grass Couch 500 Yes
Large cactus Large Cactus 200 No
Tree-Top-Gardens Large-Planter Large Planter 700 Yes
Shop Lit-Baobab-Tree 2012 Lit Baobab Tree 250 Yes
Shop Lit-Ornamental-Cedar 2012 Lit Ornamental Cedar 250 Yes
Shop Lit-Palm-Tree 2012 Lit Palm Tree 200 No
Lobster Claw Lobster Claw 350 Yes
MassCanePlant Green(default) Mass Cane Plant 375 Yes
Passion Flower Passion Flower 325 Yes
Treetop-Gardens Planter Planter 300 Yes
Porchswing Porch Swing 500 Yes
Potted Plants Potted Clovers 300 Yes
Potted Plants Potted Plants 275 No
Treetop-Gardens Scared-Jack-O-Lantern Scared Jack-O'-Lantern 200 Yes
Treetop-Gardens Shamrock-Vines Shamrock Vines 350 Yes
Springthrone1 Spring Throne 850 Yes
Treetop-Gardens Surprised-Jack-O-Lantern Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern 200 No
Treetop-Gardens Tall-Cactus 2012 Tall Cactus 350 No
Tiny Tree Tiny Tree 300 No
Tp1 Tulip Patch 300 Yes
VLP01 Vine Lamppost 400 Yes
WI01 Wall Ivy 300 No
WBP01 Wheelbarrow Planter 550 Yes

Birth Flowers


The price of every non-member birth flower is 350 Gems.

List of Birth Flowers
Birth Flowers Month
Carnation Carnation January
PrRo00 Primrose February
DaDi00 Daffodil March
SwPe00 Sweet Pea April
Lily Of The Valley Lily Of The Valley May
Rose Rose June
Larkspur Larkspur July
Gladiolus Gladiolus August
Aster Aster September
Marigold1 Marigold October
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum November
Narcissus Narcissus December


The price of every members-only birth flower bouquet is 700 Gems.

List of Birth Flower Bouquets
Birth Flower Bouquets Month
Cbblue Carnation Bouquet January
PrBo01 Primrose Bouquet February
DaBo01 Daffodil Bouquet March
SwPeBo01 Sweet Pea Bouquet April
Lily Of The Valley Bouquet Default Lily Of The Valley Bouquet May
Rose bouquet default 2015 Rose Bouquet June
Larkspur Bouquet Larkspur Bouquet July
Gladiolus bouquet Gladiolus Bouquet August
Treetop-Gardens Aster-Bouquet Blue Aster Bouquet September
Marigold bouquet Marigold Bouquet October
Chrysanthemum Bouquet 1 Chrysanthemum Bouquet November
Treetop-Gardens Narcissus-Bouquet Blue Narcissus Bouquet December



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