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Treetop Gardens is a shop that was introduced on August 30, 2012. It is located in Sarepia Forest near the Sarepia Theater and the game Pill Bugs. This shop sells a variety of plant decorations and plant-themed furniture.


Treetop Gardens appears as a green, flower patterned blanket that is covered with an assortment of plants that were formerly sold at the store. The blanket includes a red "Sale" sign next to the plants.


Item Members-Only? Price
Leaf Fan No 400
Leaf Chair Yes 400
Leaf Sofa Yes 600
Autumn Leaf Table Yes 550
Pumpkin Planter No 550
Leaf Pile No 350

Pumpkin Couch

Yes 1,000
Gerbera Daisy Plant Yes 450
Ficus Alii Plant Yes 500
Pygmy Date Palm Yes 400
Mass Cane Plant Yes 375
Chinese Evergreen Plant Yes 500
Boston Fern Yes 400
Bamboo Patch Yes 350
Cactus Fence Yes 300
Leaf Rug Yes 450



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