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The Training Grounds is a tutorial adventure in which Liza teaches the player the fundamentals of the Adventures. Jammers are required to play this tutorial before any other adventures so that they can learn about Phantoms, Chomper Plants, tall grass, hearts and checkpoints. This adventure was introduced on June 18, 2013.


  1. The first step is to talk with Liza, and she will ask the player to get close to a Phantom held in an enclosure.
  2. Next, Liza will explain the colored ring around phantoms and introduce the Chomper Plant. Liza also explains how these plants were created by Cosmo to protect Jammers from the Phantoms. She then asks the player to trap four Phantoms by luring them into Chomper Plants.
  3. Last, Liza will introduce tall grass and instruct the player to sneak past the Phantoms by staying hidden in the grass. Liza also briefly explains that the player can return to checkpoints (the zios revive points) if they lose all of their hearts due to the phantoms.
  4. At the end of the adventure, Liza congratulates the player and rewards them with enough Courage Points to advance to level 1 as well as a treasure chest filled with 250 Gems. Liza also explains that the portal is used to exit the adventure.


  • This adventure was originally accessible as a portal in the Adventure Base Camp, but this was removed after a 2015 update that sent new Jammers to the Training Grounds if they tried to enter the Adventure Base Camp before they reached level 1.
  • It is possible to lure a phantom out of the section with tall grass and back to the first chomper plant. This is done by luring the phantom to the bottom-left portion of the final grass section, allowing the phantom to shock the player, and then immediately crossing the grass so that the player is still inside the phantom's vision, which results in the phantom continuing the pursuit. The phantom will drop a bag filled with 250 Gems after it is captured.
  • The Training Grounds originally awarded 5 CP per captured phantom just like the other adventures, but this was changed to rewarding only 1 CP after an update in 2015.
    • This tutorial also originally rewarded the same amount of CP for finishing it each time, but this was changed after the update so that repeating the tutorial would not reward extra CP.
  • The Rare Wood Fence item is used as the barriers in the tutorial.
  • The Wishing Well can be seen as a decoration in the tutorial.
  • You can earn a maximum of 500 gems in this adventure.


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