The Trading Party was one of the first Parties in Jamaa and has the theme of Trading between Jammers. It was first released sometime during January 2012, but it is currently removed from the party list.


Trading Party Construction

The trading party takes place in a modified version of the Castle Den where the outside is covered in snow with several Fire Pits lining a stone pathway. The party is decorated with many den items from Beta Testing and other items from the months just after the Beta Testing ended, though none are available for purchase or to be won at the Claw Machines. In November 2013, many of the beta decorations were replaced with newer den items.


The Trading Party has a version of The Claw which gives out mystery gifts instead of plushies, and costs 25 Gems instead of 5. There are three Claw Machines of this type in the party, with one on the each floor.


The following prizes that can be won from the claw machines in this party:

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Item Type?
Claw-Prize Fancy-Top-Hat Black Fancy Top Hat Head
The-Claw Horned-Leg-Pads Horned Leg Pads Legs
Rare glove from claw prize Rare Glove Legs
The-Claw Scary-Horns Scary Horns Head
The-Claw Freedom-Hat Freedom Hat Head
Trading-Party Wreath-Necklace Green-Red Wreath Necklace Neck
The-Claw Bat-Glasses yellow Bat Glasses Head


  • This is one of two parties that doesn't include a shop. The only other party that does not include a shop is the Best Guess Game party.


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