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For the pet counterpart to this animal, see Tiger (Pet).

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The Tiger is a non-member land animal that was first released on July 17, 2010. They are one of the six original animals released at the start of the Beta Testing, and are Jamaa's first felines.

Default Appearance

Tigers have an orange-gingerish coat with navy blue tiger-stripes, a cream underside and flat, olive green eyes. They also have dark magenta paw pads and nose. Tigers have a distinctive underbite and reddish-brown layer inside their mouth, as seen on most animals. They have larger front paws and smaller back paws, hunched posture, tiny tail, small lower body, and a flat, wide head.


  • Sit SE
  • Play
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Sit NE - Sits north-east.
  • Sit NW- Sits north-west.
  • Sit SE - Sits south-east.
  • Sit SW - Sits south-west.
  • Dance - Stands in two legs and dances and does a few cartwheels.
  • Play - Jumps around, looking like it's trying to catch something.
  • Sleep - Sleeps with paws tucked under head.
  • Hop - Hops up and down repeatedly. Each time it is at the top of its hop arc, it spreads its forepaws up and apart before returing to the ground.


  • When a Jammer does not log-in to their account for a long time, the figure of a solid gray tiger is shown on their player card. However, even if a player has the solid gray tiger shown on their player card, the player can still log on.
  • Tigers have a pet counterpart.
  • Tigers are one of the few animals that have an animal-exclusive pattern, and in the animal's case, it is their stripes. But not only that, the tiger is actually the first to have an animal-exclusive pattern. However, the same pattern has appeared on the horse as well.
  • Despite the tiger being the largest big cat on Earth, it is the smallest on Animal Jam itself.
  • They have an animal gate in the Meet Cosmo adventure in the 2nd cavern.
  • Despite being a land animal, if a Tiger goes underwater, their avatar will appear to be swimming. This is unlike other land animals that will only be invisible if they go underwater.
  • In 2012, if a tiger was sleeping while wearing a Fancy Top Hat, 2012 would display with fireworks.


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