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This page is about the animal. For the pet, see Tiger (Pet).

Tiger logo0049
Default tiger432
Species: Bengal Tiger
Cost: 1,000 Gems
Alpha: Sir Gilbert
Release Date: July 17th, 2010
Origin: Lost Temple of Zios
Availability: All Jammers

The Tiger is a non-member land animal. They are one of the six original animals released at the start of the Beta Testing, and is Jamaa's first feline.

Default Appearance

Tigers have an orange-gingerish coat with navy blue tiger-stripes, a cream underside and flat olive green eyes. They also have dark magenta paw pads and nose. Tigers have a distinctive underbite and reddish-brown layer inside their mouth, as seen on most animals. They have larger front paws and smaller back paws, hunched posture, tiny tail, small lower body, and a flat, wide head.


  • Sit NE - Sits north-east.
  • Sit NW- Sits north-west.
  • Sit SE - Sits south-east.
  • Sit SW - Sits south-west.
  • Dance - Stands in two legs and dances and does a few cartwheels.
  • Play - Jumps around, looking like it's trying to catch something.
  • Sleep - Sleeps with paws tucked under head.
  • Hop - Jumps up and down repeatedly.


  • When a Jammer leaves their account for some time, the figure of a solid gray Tiger is shown on their player card, because they were gone for a very long amount of time. However, even if a player has the solid gray tiger shown on their player card, the player can still log on.
  • Tigers have a pet counterpart.
  • Tigers are one of the few animals that have an animal-exclusive pattern, and in the animal's case, it is their stripes. But not only that, the tiger is actually the first to have an animal-exclusive pattern. However, the same pattern has appeared on the horse as well.
  • Despite the tiger being the largest big cat on Earth, it is the smallest on Animal Jam itself.
  • They have an animal gate in the Meet Cosmo adventure in the 2nd cavern.
  • When doing the underwater glitch where a land animal is transported underwater, only the tiger avatar is shown. Other avatar animals, such as bunnies or arctic wolves, will disappear.


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