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Tigers are one of the non-member animals available on Animal Jam. They are a fairly uncommon species, their population much lower than the choices of Wolf or Fox due to players' opinions on what items look and how 'cool' they are  on them. They are regarded as one of the "predator" animals of Animal Jam, along with Wolves, Foxes, and Crocodiles. They are sometimes used as Clan animals out of the Warriors Series, though not nearly as often as the Wolf. Sir Gilbert is the Tiger Alpha/Shaman . In the real world, Tigers are now currently endangered or even critically endangered, however Tigers on Animal Jam haven't left yet as some people believe they will in time. 

Default Appearance

Orange-ginger sometimes teal fur with blue-gray thick tiger-stripes, creamy-brown underside and pure flat jungle green eyes. Fuchsia-colored paw-pads and fuchsia-colored nose with creamy-brown ear-insides in a swirly-shape. A small shiny white underbite teeth and reddish-brown layer inside the mouth, as seen on most animals. 


  • '
    • Sit
    • Dance
    • Play
    • Sleep
    - They pounce right, left, and then right again, followed by two cartwheels.
  • :play: - They jump around like a house cat rolling and moving their paws as if they were playing with yarn.
  • :sleep: - They lie on their belly, with their chin on their paws.
  • :hop:- They crouch, then leap up with their front paws in the air.
  • :sitNW: - Sits north-west with a straight up back and front paws tucked together.
  • :sitNE: - Sits north-east with a straight up back and front paws tucked together.
  • :sitSW: - Sits south-west with a straight up back and front paws tucked together.
  • :sitSE: - Sits south-east with a straight up back and front paws tucked together.


  • The species of the Animal Jam Tiger is an Siberian Tiger. This is noted on the Tiger trading card in the National Geographic Kids magazine. 
  • When a Jammer leaves their account for some time, the figure of a solid gray Tiger is shown on their player card, because they were gone for a very long amount of time, however you can still log on. This figure is also shown when they quit.
  • Tigers also have a pet counterpart, the Tigers (pet).
  • The special Tiger Plushies' accessories include sunglasses and a Medallion, Sharp claws, and a Tutu.
  • Tigers are one of the few animals that have an animal-exclusive pattern, and in the Tiger's case, it is Tiger stripes. But not only that, the Tiger is actually the first to an animal-exclusive pattern, making the animal some-what popular.
  • The Tigers also have a Epic Plushie, sold in Animal Jam Outfitters.
  • Though they are said to be the largest of the big cats, Lions and Snow Leopards are larger than them and Cheetahs are longer.


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