The Tie is a non-member land clothing item that is worn around the neck. It was first released during November 2010 and it is sold at Jam Mart Clothing.

Rare Tie

The Rare Tie is a members-only land clothing item that is worn around the neck. It was sold on March 26, 2012, in Jam Mart Clothing for Rare Item Monday.


This is a standard necktie that is made from thick fabric. It has two large patches on either side with large stitch marks connecting them to the tie. This item has ten different varieties including the two rare variants.


  • The Rare Freedom Tie was released for Rare Item Monday on June 30, 2014, to celebrate Freedom Day.
  • When worn on sheep, the patches seem to disappear.
  • This is one of only a few non-member items that was changed to members-only for its Rare Item Monday release.
  • When worn on a seal while playing, the neck of the tie changes to the patch's color.



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