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The Hive was released on September 25, 2013, making it the fourth adventure available in the Adventure Base Camp. In the Hive, you will see the Koala alpha, Cosmo once again. and you will meet the Wolf alpha Greely for the first time. This adventure also shows the Phantom King, which you must defeat to complete the adventure.This adventure is not yet a non member adventure.

Entrance to The Hive.


When you begin the adventure, you'll be told some information, and then you get to explore the cave. You must destroy Phantom Pods and Phantom Webs to pass. At one point, you run into Greely, who urges you to turn back. Later, you find and talk to Cosmo. He will tell you to look for four Lava Stones to open the sealed door. Look for them in the Cave.

The Cave is shrouded in darkness, which limits how far away from your character you can see. There are Torches you can carry, which increase your viewing distance, and are needed to light Fire Drums. When lit, these Fire Drums cause Mushroom Bridges to raise, allowing passage to deeper areas of the cave.

TIP: Always carry a torch and boomseeds with you, so you're not caught off guard by phantoms. If you are lost, use the map. In hard mode, if the Phantoms put you in a deep sleep, you will lose your torch or Alpha stone, so watch out!

TIP: The path through the darkness is different depending on what difficulty you play. The path on Hard mode has two different paths that it could be - it picks one of them randomly each time you play. Normal has its own path which is the same every time. The normal path was updated in the 03-20-2014 update to be much shorter (and easier). The normal path now only passes by the elephant gate.Hard mode still passes by both the horse and elephant gates.When you find all the Alpha Stones and place them in their places to open the door, Cosmo will talk to you. After that, you will walk through the door and confront the Phantom King.

Go near him, he'll attempt a slam attack. Once he uses the slam attack (Whether you get hit or not), he will become stunned. When he is stunned, use your boomseeds to defeat him. If you get hit by him, you loose half of your hearts. You have to hit him approximately twelve times.

Be noted that he will summon phantoms to support him (After you hit him a couple times). He will spawn more and more as the battle goes on. It is advised to go after the escorts first.

Also, the boomseed pile will occasionally appear around (Three Boomseeds in each pile).

After he is defeated, it will take a little while so go pick up all the Gems from defeated phantoms. Then you will talk to Cosmo, who will praise you on your bravery. You can select a prize and exit through the portal.

TIP: Remember, it takes exactly 10 boomseed hits to kill the phantom king.


Rewards On Normal mode

Phantom King statue1

A Phantom King Statue and a Mira's Emblem.

  • Top Left Chest - 1000 Gems
  • Top Middle Chest - Lava Crystal
  • Top Right Chest - Fire Drum
  • Bottom Left Chest - Glowing Mushroom Patch
  • Bottom Right Chest - 750 Gems

Rewards On Hard mode

  • Top Left Chest - Blue Fire Drum
  • Top Middle Chest - Phantom King Statue
  • Top Right Chest - 1,500 Gems
  • Bottom Left Chest - Phantom Pod
  • Bottom Right Chest - 1000 Gems

Animal Passages

There are two animal passages in the Hive, an elephant passage - hence the torch-wielding elephant on the Joining screen - and a Hard-mode-only horse passage. They generally give good prizes.

Elephant's Only Gate Prizes:

Horse's Only Gate Prizes:

  • Talking to Greely
  • Greely Says (1)
  • Greely Says (2)
  • Greely Says (3)
  • Greely Says (4)
  • Greely Says (5)
  • Greely Says (6)
  • Talking to Cosmo
  • Cosmo Says (1)
  • Cosmo Says (2)
  • Cosmo Says (3)
  • Cosmo Says (4)
  • Cosmo Says (5)
  • Cosmo Says (6)
  • Cosmo Says (7)
  • Cosmo Says (8)

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