Daily Explorer

The Daily Explorer is the official blog of Animal Jam that was introduced on January 22, 2012. It is updated often with news, contests, spotlights, and other topics related to Animal Jam.


The Daily Explorer has a number of categories for different types of posts, such as:

  • Rare Item Monday - details about the current item available for Monday only
  • AJ Academy - educational experiments to try at home
  • Jammer Tip - reminders about game features
  • Safety - reminders about game safety
  • Contests - information about current contests and past winners
  • Diamond Challenge - contests that reward Diamonds to the winning Jammers
  • AJHQ Spotlight - pictures of Jammers participating in the group activities
  • News Crew - featured news reports written by Jammers
  • Jammer Art - featured artwork created by Jammers
  • Jammer Snaps - featured screenshots taken by Jammers
  • Jamaa Legends - stories about Jamaa
  • AJHQ News - news and updates about the game
  • Creature Feature - videos relating to a specific animal
  • Videos (Ask Brady) - Q&A about land animals with Dr. Brady Barr
  • Videos (Ask Tierney) - Q&A about underwater animals with Tierney Thys
  • Videos (Wild Explorers) - activities to try at home
  • Videos (Animal Jam Presents) - 3D animated short films featuring the animals from the game
  • Animals - information related to animals in real life or in the game
  • Cool Stuff - miscellaneous news and information
  • Downloads - animal mini-books, desktop wallpapers, and various printable activities


  • To comment, the player must login with their Animal Jam account. All comments will show "Jammer" as the name of the commenter. 
  • There are currently fourty-three emotes available to use, nine of them exclusive to The Daily Explorer.
  • The Daily Explorer updated to a new design and a new location on May 1, 2014.


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