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Temple of Trivia is a multiplayer mini-game that was first introduced during Beta Testing. As the name suggests, this game revolves around trivia and answering questions correctly. This game can be found in the Lost Temple of Zios at the entrance of the temple and inside the Sol Arcade. It can also be played through the Games menu or in Jammers' Dens in the form of the den arcade machine version.


This game tests Jammers' knowledge about nature, the Earth, and the Solar System. It takes place in a stadium-like stone temple that consists of three tiers with seats for up to twelve players. The game is divided up into rounds that last for approximately one minute. During each round, players are presented with a question and three possible answers; the players must select as many correct answers as they can before the time runs out. The Jammer that is currently winning the round will have a flame appear next to them. At the end of each round, the scores of each player will be revealed. The Jammers that won the round will receive a that will remain on the stone tablet in front of them for the duration of the game.


This game rewards Gems after each round has ended. The amount rewarded depends on the player's final ranking and the total number of players in the round. amount of Gems received also varies on the number of players currently in the game. For example, a full game of twelve players will reward first place with 100 Gems, but if there are no other players, the reward will be only 10 Gems. In addition to the Gems reward, a player that has won a round will receive a blue star Holdable Icon when they leave the game; this will appear above the player's animal for some time.


There are five achievements that can be earned in Temple of Trivia:

Achievements Description
Whiz Kid! Whiz Kid! Play Temple of Trivia 5 times
Prodigy! Prodigy! Play Temple of Trivia 10 times
Head Of The Class! Head Of The Class! Play Temple of Trivia 25 times
A ! A+! Play Temple of Trivia 50 times
Trivia Star! Trivia Star! Get first place in one round of Temple of Trivia


  • Jammers can click on one of four emoji (happy, confused, sad, and angry) to have it appears over their animal in the game.
  • When a Jammer correctly answers a series of questions correctly, their animal will get a special animated effect. For the first correct answer, the ground underneath the Jammer will light up. For the second correct answer, confetti will fall above the Jammer. For subsequent correct answers, the Jammer will either do the hop animation, the dance animation, or have more confetti rain down on them.
  • Sometimes the player will be placed in an on-going game. They will only have the remaining time to answer questions.


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