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The Tall Phantom Statue is a non-member land den item. It was formerly won as a prize in the minigame Phantoms! by completing the fifth level and it was first released on September 29, 2011.


This is a long and skinny phantom statue supported by slender arms that crack the ground underneath it, revealing a colored light in the same color as the aura around the statue. This item comes in five different varieties.


  • During the Night of the Phantoms in 2013, a similar item was released as a Phantoms! prize called the Heavy Phantom Statue. However, the Heavy Phantom Statue is shorter, wider, and has more spikes that are much shorter.
  • This item appears similar to the Phantom King Statue, although the Phantom King Statue is shorter, wider, and has a crown on its head instead of spikes.
  • A giant red Tall Phantom Statue replaces the Mira Statue in Jamaa Township during the Night of the Phantoms.
  • In the April Fools' Party, there was an unreleased white version of the Tall Phantom Statue that appeared as a decoration.