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The Hero Cape is a members-only underwater clothing item that is worn on the back. It was first released in Bahari Bargains during October 2011. It was re-released on October 12, 2012, with new colors that became seasonal items, returning every year for the Night of the Phantoms.


This is a long, flowing cape with a thin thread that ties around the neck. The cape is printed with a star shape and the letters "AJ" on the back of it. This item has eight original colors and eight newer colors for a total of sixteen varieties.


  • The Hero Cape appears to be curled, but when the animal wears it, it is completely smooth.
  • On its second release in 2012, new colors were introduced to replace the original colors, and the originals received a "Rare" badge.
  • It was called the "Superhero Cape" until sometime in 2017 when both the original and new versions were changed to its current name.
    • Similarly, the Hero Mask was initially called the "Superhero Mask" before it was changed around the same time as the Hero Cape.


New Versions

Original Versions

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