For the place, see Sunken Treasures (Place).

The Sunken Treasures is the main underwater den shop. It can be accessed by clicking the 'shop' button in any underwater den. There is also a store in Kani Cove with this; it looks like a shipwreck on the sea floor.


Available Items

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Items Gems Members-Only?
Shoal Of Minnows Shoal Of Minnows 600 Yes
Clamshell ottoman current Clamshell Ottoman 200 Yes
Clamshell chair current Clamshell Chair 350 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Bubble-Emitter Bubble Emitter 500 Yes
Sunken phantom Sunken Phantom Tiki Statue 500 Yes
Sandcastle Sofa 1 Sandcastle Sofa 750 Yes
Sandcastle Scone 1 Sandcastle Sconce 400 No
Sandcastle Tapestry 1 Sandcastle Tapestry 450 No
Sandcastle Chair 1 Sandcastle Chair 350 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Compass Compass 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Ship-Cannon Ship Cannon 700 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Ship-Tie-Off Ship Tie-Off 150 Yes
Sand Dollar Table Default Sand Dollar Table 350 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Armoire Armoire 450 Yes
Upt1 Underwater Pool Table 700 Yes
Stone Throne Stone Throne 500 Yes
SZM Sunken Zios Mask 550 Yes
Seaweed Throne lime Seaweed Throne 500 Yes
KeAr00 Kelp Archway 550 Yes
Portholewalldenportal Porthole Wall Den Portal 1,000 Yes
Portholefloordenportal Porthole Floor Den Portal 1,000 Yes
UWGP01 Underwater Grand Piano 600 Yes
Sunken Greely Tiki Statue Sunken Greely Tiki Statue 500 Yes
Sunken Peck Tiki Statue Sunken Peck Tiki Statue 500 Yes
Sunken Graham Tiki Statue Sunken Graham Tiki Statue 500 Yes
Sunken Sir Gilbert Tiki Statue Sunken Sir Gilbert Tiki Statue 500 Yes
Sunken Cosmo Tiki Statue Sunken Cosmo Tiki Statue 500 Yes
Sunken Liza Tiki Statue Sunken Liza Tiki Statue 500 Yes
ST Trident gold Trident 350 No
SHT001 Ship's Helm Table 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Treasure-Map Treasure Map 400 No
Pile Of Treasure Pile Of Treasure 800 Yes
Sea Star Sea Star 400 No
Anchor1 Anchor 250 No
Potted Coral Default Potted Coral 200 No
Ocean Surfboard 1 Surfboard 300 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Ships-Helm Default Ship's Helm 300 No
P1 Porthole 300 Yes
Underwater HDTV Underwater HDTV 850 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Sandcastle Sandcastle 500 Yes
SmackOfJellyfish1 Smack Of Jellyfish 600 Yes
JellyfishLamp Jellyfish Lamp 450 Yes
Octopus Chair 1 Octopus Chair 750 Yes
Speedywolf's Seahorse Speedywolf's Seahorse 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Shell-Chair Blue Shell Chair 300 Yes
PillarWithVase Pillar With Vase 400 Yes
Shop Sunken-Treasures Potted-Plant Potted Plant 200 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Seal-Poseidon-Statue Marble Seal Poseidon Statue 500 Yes
DolVenSta1 Dolphin Venus Statue 500 Yes
Fissure Black(1) Fissure 550 Yes
Column Column 300 Yes
MarbleBench Marble Bench 400 Yes
CrescentMarbleChair Crescent Marble Chair 350 Yes
HangingLantern Blue(1) Hanging Lantern 175 No
ShipTable Ship Table 400 No
Ship bench Ship Bench 250 No
Sunken-Treasures Sponge-Welcome-Mat Default-2012 Sponge Welcome Mat 200 No
NoFishingSign No Fishing Sign 250 Yes
Kelp Forest Kelp Forest 400 No
Floating Lantern 1 Floating Lantern 250 Yes
Tube Worm 1 Tube Worm 200 Yes
Thermal Vent 1 Thermal Vent 500 Yes
PirateFlagOcean1 Pirate Flag 300 No

Formerly Sold Items

These items were once sold in Sunken Treasures, but they are no longer available. Many of them are seasonal items that return during certain times of the year.

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Items Gems Members-Only?
Aquatic television 1 Aquatic Television 350 Yes
Barrel sponge 1 Barrel Sponge 400 No
Sunken-Treasures Clam-With-Pearl Clam With Pearl 650 Yes
Clover tubes Clover Tubes 300 No
Green and Purple Conch Couch Conch Couch 400 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Coral-Fence-Piece Default-2012 Coral Fence Piece 200 Yes
Coral Phantom Statue 1 Coral Phantom Statue 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Coral-Snowman Blue Coral Snowman 300 Yes
Coral Tombstone 1 Coral Tombstone 350 Yes
DeSeCr01 Deep Sea Crystals 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Depth-Charge 2011 Depth Charge 450 Yes
Dolphin Submersible Default Dolphin Submersible 1,200 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Electric-Eel-Lamp Electric Eel Lamp 400 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Globe Default Globe 350 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Hanging-Anchor Hanging Anchor 300 Yes
Heart Rug Default Heart Rug 350 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Kelp-Tree Kelp Tree 450 Yes
NoFishingSign No Fishing Sign 250 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Octopus-Submersible Orange Octopus Submersible 1,200 Yes
PhCa01 Phantom Cannon 750 Yes
PhLi01 Phantom Lights 250 Yes
Pink Treasure Pink Treasure 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Pirates-Treasure Pirates Treasure 450 No
Sunken-Treasures Potted-Seaweed Potted Seaweed 200 Yes
Sandpalace Sand Palace 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Sandcastle Sandcastle 500 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Sandy-Seashells Sandy Seashells 400 Yes
ScBaSp01 Scary Barrel Sponge 300 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Sea-Turtle-Submersible Blue Sea Turtle Submersible 1,200 Yes
SharkCage1 Shark Cage 700 Yes
Shark Shark Submersible 1,200 Yes
The Ocean Plug The Ocean Plug 600 Yes
Underwater Drum Set teal Underwater Drum Set 550 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Underwater-Fire-Pit Underwater Fire Pit 350 Yes
Underwater Flower Underwater Flower 350 Yes
Sunken-Treasures Writing-Desk Blue Writing Desk 450 Yes

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