Icon of Sunken Ship

The Sunken Ship is a non-member underwater den that was first released in October 2011 and is currently available for purchase in the underwater Den Shop. It was originally members-only but it became available for all Jammers on February 6, 2014.


This Sunken Ship consists of a damaged wooden ship partially buried under sand at the bottom of a seafloor. The ship's hull is damaged on one side revealing the interior deck. A sealed door is positioned next to a set of stairs leading to the forward deck. Three porthole windows are on the left side of the ship and there is a space to swim above the ship also. A small underwater "garden", which consists of a variety of coral, can be seen in front of the ship.


  • It is the only non-member underwater den.
  • It's the second non-member den, the first being the Small House Den.
  • This is one of only three underwater dens, the other being the Lost Ruins Den and the Sandcastle.
  • A glitch in this den occurs when a non-member previously furnished a Sunken Ship den when they had membership. Once they became a non-member, their items, including all the members-only items, will stay in the den unless the player removes them.


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