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The Summer Carnival is a celebration held from the end of May to the middle of September every year. Starting in 2015, this event is also available during the middle of February for two weeks. During this event, a third currency is added, and can only be used during the Carnival, tickets. There is a "Print and Play" shop, games to earn tickets, and an additional shop to buy tickets with gems. It has been running since 2012, and each year, new prizes arrive.                                                         


The carnival has four shops and four different mini-games that are all arranged in a zigzagging row of sorts. Starting from the right side of the carnival, there is the ticket shop, Phantom Ball, Dunk-A-Phantom, Carnival Darts, the den item shop, the clothing shop, Candy Catch, Whack-A-Phantom, and finally the plushie shop. To the left of the plushie shop is a staircase that leads up to a large, inflatable bounce area that causes animals and pets to jump high into the air; this bounce area consists of two levels with a slide that leads back down to the Whack-A-Phantom game. There is also a Print and Play activity located at the bottom-right of the carnival and a Cotton Candy Machine near the bottom-left.

Summer Carnival Shop

There are four shops in the Summer Carnival that all share the same name.


This is actually a currency exchange for purchasing Tickets rather than an actual shop, but it functions the same way.

Tickets Gems
1,000 Tickets 500
2,000 Tickets 1,000
5,000 Tickets 2,500

Den Items

This shop sells carnival and circus-themed furniture items.

List of Den Items
Item Price
Members Only?
RainbowBalloonArchway Rainbow Balloon Archway 1,000 Yes
BalloonPhantom Black(1) Balloon Phantom 600 Yes
BOB01 Bundle Of Balloons 500 No
CPH01 Carnival Pet House 1,250 Yes
Ice Cream Cart red white Ice Cream Cart 1,250 Yes
Ring of fire Ring of Fire 1,000 Yes
Circus-Ball-and-Stand Circus Ball and Stand 1,000 Yes
CV 1 Clown Vanity 1,250 Yes
Bumper car 1 Bumper Car 1,000 Yes
Carnival flag 1 Carnival Flags 800 No
CL1 Carnival Lights 1,000 No
Popcorn Archway 2,500 Yes
Rainbow Pathway 750 Yes

Clothing Items

List of Clothing Items
Item Type? Price
Members Only?
Summer-Carnival-Shop Clown-Hair rwg Clown Hair Head 2,000 Yes
Pizza hat Summer Carnival 2017 Pizza Hat Head 2,500 No
Summer-Carnival Sandals 2017 Sandals Legs 2,500 Yes
Newsombrero1 Sombrero (Land) Head 4,000 Yes
Tail11 Stegosaurus Tail Tail 2,500 Yes
Newstegoo1 Stegosaurus Armor Body 2,500 Yes
Summer-Carnival Pineapple-Hat 17-orange Pineapple Hat Head 2,000 Yes
Moon Hat white 2017 Moon Hat Head 2,000 No
Summer-Carnival-Shop Sun-Hat 2017-Purple Sun Hat Head 2,000 No
Sh1-0 Star Hat Head 2,000 No
Summer-Carnival Zios-Balloon 2017 Zios Balloon Body 2,000 Yes
Mira-2 Mira Balloon Body 2,000 Yes
2017 Camera 1 Camera Neck 1,750 Yes
Carousel Hat white 2017 Carousel Hat Head 3,500 Yes
Cg white Cartoon Gloves Legs 1,000 Yes
Caramel Apple Hat Caramel Apple Hat Head 1,000 Yes
Ferriswheelhat Ferris Wheel Hat Head 3,500 Yes
Butterfly Wristband Butterfly Wristband Legs 1,000 No


List of Plushies
Item Price
Members Only?
Turtle-Plushie Green Shop Turtle Plushie 750 No
Giant-Turtle-Plushie Green Shop Giant Turtle Plushie 1500 Yes
Octopus-Plushie Pink Shop Octopus Plushie 750 No
Giant-Octopus-Plushie Pink Shop Giant Octopus Plushie 1500 Yes
Rabbit-Plushie Pink Shop Rabbit Plushie 750 No
Large-Rabbit-Plushie Pink Shop Large Rabbit Plushie 1500 Yes
PSP1 Pet Spider Plushie 750 No
GPSP 1 Giant Pet Spider Plushie 1500 Yes
Pet-Fox-Plushie-1 Pet Fox Plushie 750 No
Giant-Pet-Fox-Plushie-1 Giant Pet Fox Plushie 1500 Yes
PMP 1 Pet Monkey Plushie 750 No
GPMP 1 Giant Pet Monkey Plushie 1500 Yes
POP 1 Pet Owl Plushie 750 No
GPOP 1 Giant Pet Owl Plushie 1500 Yes
DP 1 Dolphin Plushie 750 No
GDP 1 Giant Dolphin Plushie 1500 Yes
SP 1 Shark Plushie 750 No
GSP 1 Giant Shark Plushie 1500 Yes

Freedom Plushies

The items in the plushie shop change for a limited time during the Freedom Day celebrations.

List of Freedom Plushies
Item Price
Members Only?
Large Freedom Puppy Large Freedom Puppy 5,000 Yes
Freedom Bunny Plushie Freedom Bunny 1,000 No
Large Freedom Bunny Large Freedom Bunny 5,000 Yes
Freedom Butterfly Plushie Freedom Butterfly 1,000 No
Large Freedom Butterfly Large Freedom Butterfly 5,000 Yes
Freedom Hamster Plushie Freedom Hamster 1,000 No
Large Freedom Hamster Large Freedom Hamster 5,000 Yes
Freedom Kitty Plushie Freedom Kitty 1,000 No
Large Freedom Kitty Large Freedom Kitty 5,000 Yes
Freedom Snake Plushie Freedom Snake 1,000 No
Large Freedom Snake Large Freedom Snake 5,000 Yes
Freedom Piglet Plushie Freedom Piglet 1,000 No
Large Freedom Piglet Large Freedom Piglet 5,000 Yes
Freedom Sugar Glider Plushie Freedom Sugar Glider 1,000 No
Large Freedom Sugar Glider Large Freedom Sugar Glider 5,000 Yes


  • The bouncy castle and the firepit were added to the Summer Carnival in 2015.
  • When a player enters the Summer Carnival for the first time, they will receive 500 tickets.
  • When the Summer Carnival is over, Jammers will still have the same amount of Tickets they had before.
  • When the Summer Carnival first appeared early during 2015, it was not announced.
  • When the Summer Carnival returned in May 2016, a glitch was introduced that caused the loading screen to display forever after the player finished playing a full-screen mini-game from the Games tab while inside the Summer Carnival.
  • Two weeks before the carnival leaves Jamaa, all of the shop items (excluding the Tickets themselves) go on sale for 50% off.

Differences in May 2017

  • Most of the clothing items that were sold in February 2017 were removed when the Summer Carnival returned in May 2017.
List of Clothing Items Removed in May 2017
Item Type? Price
Members Only?
Balloon top hat Balloon Top Hat Head 1,500 Yes
Summer-Carnival-Shop Cotton-Candy-Hat Pink Cotton Candy Hat Head 2,000 Yes
UH01 Umbrella Hat Head 2,000 No
LN001 Lightning Necklace Neck 2,000 Yes
Summer-Carnival-Shop Sad-Drama-Mask Sad Drama Mask Head 1,500 Yes
Summer-Carnival-Shop Happy-Drama-Mask Happy Drama Mask Head 1,500 Yes
Infinity-Necklace Purple Shop Infinity Necklace Neck 2,500 Yes
EMH01 Epic Moon Hat Head 2,500 Yes
ESH001 Epic Sun Hat Head 2,500 Yes
ESH01 Epic Star Hat Head 2,500 Yes
MB01 Moon Balloon Body 2,250 Yes
SB01 Sun Balloon Body 2,250 Yes
Raccoon Tail Brown Blue Raccoon Tail Tail 2,500 Yes
BEANIE01 Beanie Head 2,000 No
SN01 Star Necklace Neck 2,000 Yes
Disguise Glasses Disguise Glasses Head 1,850 Yes
FeBiHa1 Feathered Bird Hat Head 1,250 Yes
Summer-Carnival-Shop Parasol Pink-Tickets Parasol Body 2,000 Yes


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