The Steampunk Goggles are a members-only land clothing item that can be worn on the head. They were first released in January 2011 and were formerly sold in Jam Mart Clothing.


This appears to be a pair of thick goggles that have an industrial design. The frames around the lenses have various ridges and bolt-like studs. On either side of the goggles are small cogwheels that attach to a strap connecting both sides together. This item has nine different varieties including the rare variant.


  • They were put on clearance in August 2013 and have not returned to stores since.
  • The "Rare" version was released for Rare Item Monday on November 5, 2012.
  • This item shares a "steampunk" theme with the Steampunk Launcher and Steampunk Monocle.
  • Most of the color variants, not including the green and orange lens versions, had a significant color change after the June 2012 "3D" update.
  • Both the Rare Item Monday and normal variants of this item can be won in The Forgotten Desert.