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The Spooky Party is a Night of the Phantoms-themed party available to everyone. It was first introduced on April 26, 2012 but did not return again until October 2013. It made a surprise appearance on May 28, 2015 but only remained available for a couple of days.


This party takes place in an Epic Haunted Manor den. The manor is decorated with haunted and spooky items such as the Spooky Couch, Spooky Table, Spooky Lamp, Spooky Rug, Haunted Bookshelf, Scary Organ, Greely's Wardrobe, Bubbling Cauldron, Spooky Radio, Coffin, Scary Eyes, as well as various boxes and barrels. The outside area is the same as the den version but is decorated with spooky and haunted items like Spooky Trees, Phantom Scarecrow, Mushrooms, as well as various pumpkins and gravestones.


This party has a clothing store, a furniture store, and a music store where players can buy spooky-themed items. Jammers can buy pet bats by finding the hidden bat store that appears as a bat symbol on the wallpaper inside the house.

Spooky Shop


Items Members-Only? Price
Epic Wizard Hat Yes 700 Gems
Witch Boots Yes 450 Gems
Scary Witch Hat Yes 650 Gems
Monster Claws Yes 450 Gems
Witch's Broom Yes 600 Gems
Bat Glasses No 200 Gems

Den Items

Items Members-Only? Price
Spiderweb Floor Yes 250 Gems
Bat Wallpaper Yes 250 Gems
Phantom Stained Glass Yes 500 Gems
Patch Of Fog Yes 300 Gems
Ceiling Web Yes 150 Gems
Ground Web Yes 150 Gems


Items Members-Only? Price
Spooky Old Bones Yes 100 Gems


  • The party has only one non-member item for sale; the Bat Glasses.

Differences in 2015

  • Previous versions of this party were based on a Haunted House Den that was flipped horizontally with a mirrored layout, but this was changed.
  • Previous versions of this party had a ghost-shaped dirt patch that Jammers could click on to pick up a small ghost that will follow them around, but this was removed.
  • Previous versions of this party had a foggy room on the first floor that would slowly turn Jammers transparent as if they were a ghost, but this was removed.


Spooky Shop

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