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Spooky Party
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Important Information
Year round? No
Time of year? Around Night of the Phantoms
Available to everyone? Yes


The Spooky Party was based on this Den.

 The Spooky Party is a party on Animal Jam. It sells Halloween themed items, and has a clothing store, a furniture store, and a music store where you can buy the den music "Spooky Old Bones," which is Halloween themed music.


The party seems to take place in a Haunted House Den, flipped along the X-axis. Upon standing in the cemetary outside, your animal becomes translucent, giving a "ghostly" look. There are three floors, and at the top floor, lightning occasionally strikes. There is also a Pet Finder for Bats, its position varying with each year.


Den Items
Ghost Window 500 Gems
Floating Candle 250 Gems
Skeleton Fence 200 Gems
Skeleton Throne 800 Gems


  • The party only had one non-member item for sale, the Spooky Gravestone.
  • If you go to the top left of the haunted house where the party takes place, click on the line on the wall and a pet bat creator will open up. This was the only way to get a pet bat before the Haunted Forest Party in October 2012 opened up.
    • It returned on October the 9th 2014.


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