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Spooky Party
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Allow animal:



Spooky Old Bones


The Spooky Party was based on this Den.

 The Spooky Party is a party on Animal Jam. It sells Halloween themed items, and has a clothing store, a furniture store, and a music store where you can buy the den music "Spooky Old Bones," which is Halloween themed music.


  • There is an area where you can become a mostly transparent ghost. Your animal fades in color, but returns after leaving the area for some time or entering any water, mud from appondale, the ice winds from the New Years party or snowfort den or being hot in the Wolves only party.
  • The party only had one non-member item for sale, the Spooky Gravestone.
  • If you go to the top left of the haunted house where the party takes place, click on the line on the wall and a pet bat creator will open up. This was the only way to get a pet bat before the Haunted Forest Party in October 2012 opened up.

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