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Splash and Dash is a multi-player mini-game that was originally found in Bahari Bay and was later added to the Sol Arcade. It was first introduced as a preview for members only in October 2012, but it was later made available to all Jammers in November 2012. 


The goal of this game is to reach the finish line as fast as possible and before the other dolphin racers. The dolphin is controlled using the up and down arrow keys. The player can make their dolphin launch out of the water by swimming up to the surface; by starting to swim up while in deeper waters, the player can launch the dolphin higher into the air. If the player swims through a golden ring, it will partially recharge the magic pearl at the bottom of their screen; after swimming through three consecutive rings, the magic pearl will be filled and instantly give the dolphin a short speed boost. If the dolphin swims into a hazard (cormorants, buoys, and coral), it will slow the dolphin down and completely drain any charge stored in the magic pearl. After all the dolphins have crossed the finish line, the rewards screen will be displayed with a small dolphin fact at the bottom.

After winning ten races in normal mode, Pro Mode will be unlocked. This mode consists of more difficult obstacles and better prize rewards.

Benefits of Winning

This game rewards the competitors with Gems depending on how quickly they cross the finish line.

Position Reward in "Normal" Mode
Reward in "Pro" Mode
1logo Place 100 Gems 150 Gems
2logo Place 75 Gems 125 Gems
3logo Place 50 Gems 100 Gems
4logo Place 25 Gems 75 Gems


There are nine possible achievements that can be earned when playing Splash and Dash:

Achievements Description
Dorsal Fin! Dorsal Fin! Play Splash and Dash 10 times
Blowhole! Blowhole! Play Splash and Dash 25 times
Fluke! Fluke! Play Splash and Dash 50 times
Quick! Quick! Win 10 races in Splash and Dash
Swift! Swift! Win 25 races in Splash and Dash
Speedy! Speedy! Win 50 races in Splash and Dash
Regatta! Regatta! Win 15 races in Splash and Dash (Pro Mode)
High Five! High Five! Win 5 races in a row in one game of Splash and Dash (Pro Mode)
Bottlenose! Bottlenose! Complete a race in Splash and Dash (Pro Mode) without hitting an obstacle


  • If the player already has a dolphin animal, that will be used during the race, including any clothing their dolphin is currently wearing. Otherwise, the player will get to control a plain pink, silver, or blue dolphin.
  • This game is similar to Jamaa Derby as they are both racing games where the players avoid obstacles.
  • After winning first place in a race, the player can carry a silver trophy badge around Jamaa. If the player wins in Pro Mode, the trophy badge is a gold color instead of silver.
  • It is possible for players to tie if they cross the finish line at the exact same time. When there is a tie, both players will be rewarded with the higher rank. For example, if two players tie for first place, they will both be rewarded that place and the following players will get second and third place respectively.
  • If the player moves their dolphin into the correct position, they can collect both the middle hoops and the bottom hoops without moving. Also, this position will allow the dolphin to swim just under the buoys without hitting them so that the only obstacle the dolphin will hit will be the large rocks.


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