The Spirit Armor Set is a collection of members-only clothing items that feature spirit-like energy swirling around them. It initially consisted of only three armor pieces that were released as Monthly Member Gifts. The main armor piece and helmet were released first, in April 2013, followed by the glove in May 2013. The three original set pieces were re-released in the Diamond Shop on June 12, 2014 along with two new pieces: the tail armor and amulet.


Item Type? Diamond
SpiHel Spirit Helmet Head 2
SpiAmu Spirit Amulet Neck 1
SpiArm Spirit Armor Body 3
SpiGau Spirit Gauntlet Legs 1
SpiTaiArm Spirit Tail Armor Tail 2


  • Each individual piece is worth 1,000 Gems when recycled.
  • Originally, there was no tail armor or amulet for the set; they were created when the set was released in the Diamond Shop.
  • Although all of the other parts are animated, the amulet is not.
  • The Spirit Tail Armor is invisible when worn on a Bunny.
  • The Spirit Gauntlet was originally named Spirit Glove.
  • The Spirit Gauntlet does extra damage to phantom pods, nets, and trapdoor when worn during an adventure.


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