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Spider Zapper is a mini-game that was introduced in 2010. It can be played in the Sol Arcade, through the Games menu, or by using the den version of the game. It could formerly be played in Club Geoz before the building was removed in October 2017.


In the game Spider Zapper, the player has to zap the specified number of spiders for each level. The zapping tool is a red web and it is controlled by moving and clicking the mouse. The game takes place in a jungle setting where spiders come out randomly. Some spiders hang from webs or crawl from trees; these pause for a moment before retreating. However, other spiders crawl on the forest floor; these spiders do not stop and simply run from one side to the other. Each spider zapped increases the Gems earned and if all the spiders in a level are zapped, bonus points are earned. There are two ways to play: single player and multiplayer; the multiplayer version allows two players to cooperate and advance through the levels together. The game has three modes of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. As the levels advance, the spiders will increase in number and speed.


There are several possible achievements that can be earned while playing Spider Zapper:

Achievements Description
Pea Shooter! Pea Shooter! Play Spider Zapper 5 times
Crack Shot! Crack Shot! Play Spider Zapper 10 times
Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter! Play Spider Zapper 25 times
Deadeye! Deadeye! Play Spider Zapper 50 times
Spider King! Spider King! Complete wave 40 in Spider Zapper
Team Zapper! Team Zapper! Beat level 50 in a multiplayer game of Spider Zapper


  • All of the spiders are Black Widow spiders.
  • This game might be based on Duck Hunt.


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