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The Sol Arcade is a room in Jamaa Township where Jammers are able to play many of the mini-games found throughout Jamaa. It can be directly teleported to by clicking the spaceship-like building in the Jamaa Township section of the World Map.


The outside of the arcade is a round building with a sloped straw roof and a rocket ship entrance. The rocket ship is cream-colored with dark orange fins and nose cone. Attached to the rocket ship is a sign with a game controller symbol on it. The rocket ship has a small window cut out of its side as well as an arched doorway that leads into the arcade. There are various seasonal decorations placed around the entrance at different months of the year.

The inside of the arcade has an outer space theme with walls depicting sharp mountain peaks against a starry night sky that includes animated shooting stars. The floor is mostly orange with red and yellow circles in a retro-themed design. The arcade is full of natural rock formations and bright, animated lights that form paths between the different wooden gaming platforms.


The arcade is filled with playable versions of most of the mini-games found in Jamaa. Near the entrance is The Claw Machine and a UFO-shaped game shop where Jammers can buy their favorite games to place them inside their dens. A Phantom Invasion machine can be found further down and on the right side of the arcade is a platform where Jammers can buy a variety of astronomy-themed den items.


Astronomy Shop

Den Item Price


Jupiter Throne 900 Yes
Space Rock Collection 600 Yes
Hanging Star Lamp 600 Yes
Planetary Ring Sofa 500 Yes
Solar Eclipse Tapestry 400 Yes
Fancy Telescope 750 Yes
Galaxy Painting 650 Yes
Sun Rug 500 Yes
Star Stepping Stones 400 Yes
Hanging Star Strand 450 No
Saturn Table 550 Yes
Crescent Moon Couch 600 Yes

Sol Arcade Shop

Item Price


Overflow 400 No
Sky High 400 No
Splash and Dash 400 Yes
Hedge Hog 400 Yes
Falling Phantoms 400 Yes
Jamaa Derby 400 Yes
Best Dressed 400 Yes
Eat 'Em Up 400 Yes
Phantom's Treasure 400 Yes
Fruit Slinger 400 Yes
Pill Bugs 400 Yes
Pest Control 400 Yes
Temple of Trivia 400 Yes
Double Up 400 Yes
Twister 400 Yes
Long Shot 400 Yes
Gem Ball 400 Yes
Mira Says 400 Yes
Gem Breaker 400 Yes
Super Sort 400 Yes
Wind Rider 400 Yes
Phantom Fighter 400 Yes
Spider Zapper 400 Yes


  • If the player watches the small window above the entrance on the inside, eventually they will see the faint outline of an alien-like creature.
  • River Race was originally playable and sold in the arcade, but it was later removed and replaced by Splash and Dash.
  • This is the only arcade in Jamaa.
  • Sometimes, because of a glitch, the player can walk over the doorway without actually accessing the arcade itself, getting stuck in the front door in the process.
  • Only the land version of Best Dressed can be played in the Sol Arcade; the underwater version can only be played by going underwater.
  • The Sol Arcade has a den based off of it that can be bought in the Diamond Shop for five Diamonds. It is called the Sol Arcade Den.
  • Behind Eat 'Em Up, Best Dressed, and Hedge Hog there is a boarded up secret door.
  • When the entrance is hovered over with the mouse, it makes a creaking sound even though it doesn't have any door. This sound can be heard even when the game is muted.
  • Its first appearance was a hut and was soon replaced as a rocket.
  • During the Night of the Phantoms, the Sol Arcade entrance has a golden glow coming from the doorway and a Phantom decoration next to it.


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