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Snowleopard profile
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard11
Species: Snow Leopard
Cost: 10 Diamonds
Alpha: Jade
Release Date: November 29th, 2012
Origin: None
Availability: Members Only

The Snow Leopard is a members-only land animal. They can be purchased currently at the Diamond Shop, but were originally only obtainable through membership gift cards.

Default Appearance

Snow Leopards have a snow-white underbelly, along with lilac leopard spots and pure white eyes when first obtained. They also have Rose-pink paw-pads, rose-pink noses, and rose-pink ear-insides. And, like some other animals, have their own special color for their markings.


  • Sit-  Sits with back paws folded and front paws in front.
  • Dance-  Does the tango.
  • Sleep-  Sleeps like a tiger, with a twitching tail and paw pads showing.
  • Play-  Jumps, then fights while doing a backflip. (This may be a reference to either Kung Fu or Tai Chi)
  • Hop-  Hops with tail going up and down.


  • It is the third gift-card animal added into Animal Jam.
  • Because of the Play Wild fund, where 40% of the money goes towards saving the real big cats, they were mistaken to be received by purchasing a wristband and not a gift card. The same was misunderstood with Lions.
  • Snow Leopards are one of the few animals with exclusive patterns, alongside the Foxes, Raccoons, Tigers, Giraffes and Horses.
  • Many Jammers believed Snow Leopards were Pumas at first.
  • AJHQ announced in Jamaa Journal that they are a part of a Target-only Gift Card.
  • At the moment, they are currently increasing in popularity.
  • After you purchase one with diamonds, you can make another one for 1,000 gems, as you can do with every diamond shop animal and pet.
  • The snow leopard is one of the few animals that uses a martial arts reference as an action.
  • Along with some of the other diamond shop animals, there would be a rare purchasing glitch. The first couple of hours after they were added, players could buy them for 1,000 gems. This happened for the Hyena and the Arctic Wolf.
  • Currently, they do not have a pet counterpart
  • The Snow Leopard is gonna be endangered in Animal Jam. They will be taken out of the Diamond Shop in a few weeks.


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