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Snow Leopards are now in the diamond shop for only 10 diamonds.

The Snow Leopard is a members-only land animal. It is the third gift-card animal added into Animal Jam. The headquarters announced in the Jamaa Journal that they are a part of a Target-only Gift Card. These animals are increasing in popularity, along with Arctic Wolves, and currently do not have a Alpha/Shaman yet, like the other Diamond Shop animals. After purchase in the Diamond Shop or from a gift card, you can purchase a snow leopard for 1,000 Gems like other Diamond Shop animals. These Animals are bought at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds, or by using a card. Jammers with this awesome animal pretend to be cats in the pillow room 

Giant Snow Leopard Plushie

Default Appearance

Creamey-gray with a snowy-white underside, lilac leopard spots and pure white eyes (green in default artwork). Rose-pink paw-pads, rose-pink nose and rose-pink ear-insides. And, like some other animals, have their own special color for their markings.


sitNE: [Sits Northeast]
Hoppin snow

A hopping snow leopard

sitSW: [Sits Southwest]
sitSE: [Sits Southeast]
sitNW: [Sits Northwest]
Dance: [Does the tango]
Sleep: [Sleeps like a tiger, with a twitching tail and paw pads showing]
Play: [Jumps, then fights while doing a backflip]
Hop: [Hops with tail going up and down]


CaptureSNow leopardBackflip

The snow leopard finishing its backflip while playing


Snow Leopard Dancing

*Snow leopards are the third animal in Jamaa that are only available by purchasing a gift card or buying them in the Diamond Shop.
  • Because of the Play Wild fund, where 40% of the money goes towards saving the real big cats (includes Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, Leopards, and Pumas), they were mistaken to be recieved by purchasing a wristband and not a gift card.
  • Snow Leopards are one of the few animals with exclusive patterns, alongside the Foxes, Raccoons, Tigers, Giraffes and Horses.
  • You can buy Snow leopard gift cards at Target or order on Animal Jam Outfitters. You can choose between a Snow Leopard or 10 Diamonds.
  • During the spread of rumors for snow leopards, many Jammers believed that they were actually going to be cheetahs because of their spots/markings.
  • Most jammers pretend to use Snow Leopards as Warrior Cats in Sarepia Forest.
  • Snow leopards are very common member animals.
  • Many people believe Snow Leopards were Pumas at first. The snow leopard alpha is soon to be announced.


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