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Snowleopard profile

For its pet counterpart, see Snow Leopard (Pet).

The Snow Leopard is a members-only land animal that was released on November 29, 2012. They used to be able to be bought and were originally only obtainable through membership gift cards, but now they can be purchased in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds. The Snow Leopard officially became endangered on Animal Jam March 5, 2015. They have returned and are currently available in the Diamond Shop.

Default Appearance

Snow Leopards have a snow-white underbelly, grey fur, along with lilac leopard spots and pure white eyes when first obtained. They also have rose-pink paw-pads, rose-pink noses, and rose-pink ear-insides. And like some other animals, have their own special color for their markings.


  • Sit- Sits with back paws folded and front paws in front.
  • Dance- Does the tango and disco.
  • Sleep- Sleeps like a tiger, with a twitching tail and paw pads showing.
  • Play- Jumps, then fights while doing a backflip. (This may be a reference to either Kung Fu or Tai Chi)
  • Hop- Hops with tail going up and down.


  • It is the third gift-card animal added into Animal Jam.
  • Because of the Play Wild fund, where 40% of the money goes towards saving the real big cats, they were mistaken to be received by purchasing a wristband and not a gift card. The same was misunderstood with Lions.
  • Snow Leopards are one of the few animals with exclusive patterns, alongside the Foxes, Raccoons, Tigers, GiraffesCheetahs, and Horses.
  • AJHQ announced in the Jamaa Journal that they are a part of a Target-only Gift Card.
  • When received by a gift card, the snow leopard will have a default name of simply, 'Snow Leopard'.
  • Along with some of the other diamond shop animals, (Hyenas and Otters) there would be a rare purchasing glitch. The first couple of hours after they were added, players could buy them for 1,000 gems. 
  • Along with the Arctic Wolf, they are the only animals that do not have "default eyes" that the other animals have. 
  • Their artwork also lacks the eyes. It is the only artwork known so far not to have the same eyes as the rest of the animals. 
  • They have their own Minibook.
  • Snow Leopards now have their own short, "Cool Buddies".
  • When spartan armor is worn on them it appears to be fused with elf armor.
  • When a Snow Leopard is wearing any sort of weapon item, it may float above the Snow Leopard's back.
  • They have a pet counterpart, the Snow Leopard Pet.


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