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The Small House is a non-member land den that every Jammer owns automatically when they start playing. It was released when the Beta Testing period ended.


Outside, there is a stone patio behind the house with several shades of gray rock in it. In front of the house, there is a large patch of grass with a garden pathway made out of hard dirt and stones. The household consists of only one parlor room with white walls. The house has a single floor, which has brown textured stripes on it. It appears to be on a cliff with some plants behind it and mountains in the background. The house has thick wooden beams framing its corners and sides. The roof consists of red, brown, and orange tiles that are combined to form an arch-like shape for one side and a steep triangle for the other side.


  • This was the first non-member den released after the end of Beta Testing.
  • It is the default den given to all Jammers.
  • The first Small House den cannot be recycled, however any additional Small House dens that are purchased can be recycled.
  • Ever since the Sunken Ship Den was changed from members-only to non-member, non-members are able to buy another Small House.
  • It is the only non-member land den.


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