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The Slingshot is a non-member land item that is worn on the back. It can be won from the Lion's Only Passage in The Phantom Portal adventure.


Slingshots appear to be made of wood and lacquer. They also seem to have cloth or silk as the sling and handle. The cloth/silk makes the Slingshot look somewhat like it was repaired after it broke. Though it is hard to see in its regular appearance, on animals the Slingshot is attached around the animal's waist with a light grey belt and a black buckle.


  • It can be recycled for 300 Gems.
  • It is one of many non-member weapons, alongside the Pirate Sword and Bow And Arrows.
  • Originally, slingshots were only green, but other various colors were later added.
  • This item is a possible prize in The Forgotten Desert.
  • The slingshot in commonly mistaken for a beta.
  • This item has a glitch when it is worn by a sleeping Penguin: the Slingshot grows and shrinks in sync with the animal's breathing.


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