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Sky High is an arcade game located in Coral Canyons and the Sol Arcade.

Game Play

In Sky High, the player's goal is to reach the treasure at the top of all the clouds. They will start at the bottom, and work their way up to the chest by hopping on each cloud, while also avoiding phantoms and collecting gems. When the player touches a phantom or misses a cloud, the game is over and they must restart. The player will keep the gems that they have already earned.

When the player reaches the summit, they will see a treasure chest. The player gets a random clothing item if they reach it. Some of the most common items are Police Hats and Scary Horns. The player also has a chance to receive a highly-demanded item such as a Pirate Sword, Worn Blanket, or a Freedom Helmet. Sometimes the player might get seasonal items that went out of stores for a while.

Game Appearance

There are different areas in the game. The player starts at the middle of a canyon, and work their way up past the atmosphere into space. There are phantoms floating on clouds.


  • If the player's avatar has wide eyes, they will sometimes disappear while playing Sky High. This happens often with foxes.
  • The player's clothing items will disappear while playing the game, and will reappear when they reach the top.
  • There has been a rumor that the less gems the player collects, the more higher-demand the prize will be. This has not yet been proven.
  • Each animal jumps differently in this game, as they are based off of what the animal would look like when they hop outside of the game.
  • Sky High can be directly accessed from National Geographic Kids website under action games. However, the only animal that can be used is the default version of the wolf, and gems are only collected as points, and there is no prize at the end, for it is only to play the game.
  • This game play concept is similar to the game/app "Doodle Jump".
  • In the game, phantoms' eyes are colorless.
  • Sky High is the first arcade machine that can be purchased with gems by non-members. There is one other purchasable game, Swoopy Eagle, however it costs diamonds.
  • Unknowingly, a glitch shows up numbers instead of "Ready, GO!" introduction. This glitch is caused only if the player starts playing Sky High in Coral Canyons. (e.g #10977 for Ready and 10978 for Go.)
  • The game Sky High has a music theme the player can buy in the Music Shop for dens and is only available for members.
  • It has a striking resemblance to AJ Jump.
  • It is one of Animal Jam's most popular games, most likely due to the fact that the player has a chance to win a rare/random clothing item if they reach the very top of the game.

Known Prizes


Here is a list of the known prizes.


There are five achievements that can be earned in Sky High:

  • Bouncer! – Play Sky High 5 times
  • Hopper! – Play Sky High 15 times
  • Jumper! – Play Sky High 30 times
  • Vaulter! – Play Sky High 50 times
  • Treasure Chest! – Reach the treasure chest in Sky High.


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