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Animal Jam Games Sky High(02:16)
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Sky High
is a game in Jamaa located in Coral Canyons and Sol Arcade. It is one of the most popular games on Animal Jam.

In Sky High, you try to jump on the clouds and move left and right with the arrow keys, while dodging Phantoms and collecting gems. When you touch a phantom or miss a cloud, the game is over and you must restart. This makes the game very frustrating in a way.

Sky High is also available at the Sol Arcade as an arcade machine for your Den. It was the first game item to become non-member. Everybody can play it. When you reach the summit you see a treasure chest. Just touch it, and you get a random clothing item. For example, a police hat, or scary horns. You may also get a rare item like, a Pirate Sword, a worn blanket, a Freedom Helmet, freedom wings, Gloves, rare spiked hair, and more! Sometimes you might get an uncommon item such as Mech Angel Wings, a head feather, a Lollipop Necklace, a Clover Blanket, or a Bow and Arrows. Occasionally, you'll get a normal, colored, non member item. Sometimes, it's colored differently than normal, so non-members can get colored items without trading. Sometimes, it's a beta or a rare, but this is only once in a while.

Game Appearance in Stores

Sky High is painted to look the scene in the game, starting from the sunny bottom, to the moonlit top. It also includes one control panel and the purple game icon.


  • Bouncing in Sky High
    A wolf bouncing in Sky High.
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    When you're really lucky, you may get 2 or more rares in a row.
  • If your avatar has wide eyes, they will sometimes disappear while playing Sky High, most likely with foxes.
  • If your animal has something they're wearing, it might not appear in the game but if you reach the top, the clothes of your player will appear.
  • Some say that the less gems you collect, the rarer the prize will be. This has not yet been proven.
  • This game is very popular because you can earn rare prizes.
  • The most common prizes in Sky High are Heart Locket, Mech Angel Wings and Moon Necklace.
  • Each animal jumps differently in this game.
  • Sky High can be directly accessed from National Geographic Kid's website under Action Games. However, the only animal that can be used is the default version of the wolf, and gems are only collected as points, and there is no prize at the end, for it is only to play the game, and is not connected to any account.

Known Prizes

Here is a list of the know prizes.
  • Freedom Mask (Single color)
  • Hat And Curly Wig (Various colors)
  • Glove (Various colors)
  • Pirate Sword (Various colors)
  • Turkey Hat (Various colors)
  • Fox Hat (Various colors) (To be proven)
  • Freedom Helmet (Single color)
  • Freedom Wings (Single color)
  • Lolliopop necklace (Various colors)
  • Necklace (Various colors) / Rare Necklace (To be proven) 
  • Lei  (Various colors) / Rare Lei
  • Mech angel wings (Various colors) / Rare Mech angel wings
  • Scary Horns (Single color)
  • Clover blanket (Various colors) / Rare Clover blanket
  • Scary bat wings (Single color)
  • Spiked Hair(Various colors) / Rare Spiked hair 
  • Bow and Arrows(Various colors)
  • Head feather (Various colors) / Rare Head feather (To be proven) 
    The Sky High Arcade Machine
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  • Worn Blanket (Various colors)
  • Flower necklace (Various colors) (Ocean item)
  • Candy Cane Crown (Single color) (Ocean item)
  • Candy Cane Tiara (Single color) (Ocean item)
  • Rare Scary cat hat
  • Star Glasses (Various colors)
  • Rare Freedom cape (To be proven) 
  • Round glasses (Various colors)
  • Knight helmet (Various colors)
  • Butterfly wings (Various colors)
  • Star cape (Various colors)
  • Tie (Various colors)
  • Backpack (various colors)
  • Shark Fin (Various colors)


There are several achievements that can be earned in Sky High:

  • Bouncer! – play Sky High 5 times
  • Hopper! – play Sky High 15 times
  • Jumper! – play Sky High 30 times
  • Vaulter! – play Sky High 50 times
  • Treasure Chest! – reach the treasure chest in Sky High

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