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Sir Gilbert's Palace is a members-only land den. It was released on September 1, 2016, and is sold at the Diamond Shop and the Den Shop.


It is a large palace, presumably belonging to the Alpha, Sir Gilbert. It is large and stately, appearing to be made primarily of stone edged in gold. There are also stone columns wrapped elegantly in dark blue silk, which complements the dark blue flag waving at the roof, which is also accessible by Jammers by a somewhat out-of-place wood ladder. In front of the castle are stone statues of small tigers with one paw on a globe, symbolizing power and control. A large stained glass window of Mira is featured in the main entrance room, which is accompanied by an elevated stone platform with an elegant red carpet stretching from it. The original walls are red with gold paw prints, red and gold being the main "colors," per se, of Sir Gilbert. The castle is located in a somewhat misty but warmly lit forest in the mountaintops. Outside the castle, there is a rocky stairway which leads into a cavern-like area. The cavern has a large symbol of the globe on the ground, as well as a waterfall that pools into deliberate patterns around the globe. The cavern also features a stained glass window similar to the one seen in the castle, except this one is made to appear like Sir Gilbert.



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