Not to be confused with the Glove.

The Silver Glove is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the leg. It was first released on June 30, 2012, at the Epic Wonders shop in Coral Canyons.


This item appears as a grey glove with three fingers and a thumb. When it is worn, the size and shape of the fingers change to fit the animal appropriately. The glove has four rounded studs on each knuckle as well as a wrist strap that also has a large, rounded stud on it. There are thin, dark grey lines that follow the joints of each finger. There is only one variety of this item.


  • This item is very similar in appearance to the white-gray Glove; thus, it is often used in scams. A close look will reveal that the "bumps" on the Silver Glove are a lighter color than the rare gloves and this glove does not have a rare tag on it as opposed to the other gloves that were a Rare Item Monday item.
  • It has a members-only golden counterpart, the Golden Glove.
  • Wearing a silver glove during adventures allows Jammers to do 23 damage to destructible items (such as Phantom Webs) versus 10 damage without.
  • It can be won in The Forgotten Desert.


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