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Sidekix Plushies are real life plushies that were available to buy from Animal Jam Outfitters. Each Sidekix Plush came with a code that would unlock a matching Epic Plushie in-game.


The Sidekix appear similar to the animals from Animal Jam, but they include a zipper along the torso that allows them to be folded inside out, transforming them into a ball that can be tossed or kicked around, hence the name. They also include a clip to secure them, to the side of a backpack for example, and their paws include magnets that allow them to stick to each other and various metal objects.


  • The first Sidekix Plush to be released was the wolf, which was first sold in December 2012.
  • The bunny, fox, tiger, and penguin Sidekix were all introduced to AJ Outfitters around the beginning of April 2013, but they could have been purchased directly from the manufacturer, Zoobies, as early as March 2013.
  • The last Sidekix to be introduced to AJ Outfitters were the croc, panda, and giraffe, which were first sold around October 2013; however, these three could have been purchased directly from the manufacturer, Zoobies, as early as March 2013.
  • The Sidekix Plushies were removed from the AJ Outfitters Shop sometime in 2014.
  • According to Animal Jam Outfitters, "a few rare plush will come with a special bonus code that awards 1 week of Animal Jam membership, 1,000 gems, and all eight in-game virtual plushies instead of just one!"


On Animal Jam

Purchasable Sets

Wolf Plush

Fox Plush

Bunny Plush

Tiger Plush

Penguin Plush

Giraffe Plush

Croc Plush

Panda Plush

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