The Rare Scary Bat Wings is a non-member land clothing item. It was formerly sold in Jam Mart Clothing and was first released in October 2010. It returned on October 7, 2013, for Rare Item Monday with an added rare tag.


This is a pair of bat-like wings that have black arms and three black "fingers" with one horn-like orange "thumb" at the top. Between each of the fingers and the arm is grey webbing that has a darker grey shadow near the top. This item has only one version.


  • They look almost identical to the colored pair of members-only Wings that are available in stores, but the claw on the wingtip is orange rather than pink.
  • It is also related to the non-member Freedom Wings.
  • It can be won as a random prize in Sky High and the Adventures.
  • It was originally sold at a cheaper price, but this increased when it returned with the rare tag.
  • This item was originally called the "Scary Bat Wings", but this changed in 2013 when "Rare" was added to the front of the name to mark its return for Rare Item Monday.


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