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  • A Scam a Gram by someone who said "send me something I send back rare!".
  • Another "I'll send you code!!" scam.
  • A scam a gram showing the "try on" scam.
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  • A typical scam...dont fall for it....(SCAM BY kittycat95509)
  • Scammer.
  • Scam... Like many scammers, this player didn't even have a headdress in the first place.
Scamming 2
An example of a scam.
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Scammers are abundant in Animal Jam, most likely because rare items are a major part of Animal Jam's gameplay. They are players that will want to steal your items. Most scams and well known scammers are well avoided, but younger players and new players may not realize as to when a scammer is lurking about. We've collected some of the scamming tactics below. Remember, trading is the only sure way to guarantee that you'll get something back. If someone asks you to send something and in return they'll send something back, then it is almost definitely a scam. Be a Jammer, not a scammer! Lots of people will find ways to disguise their scam, so be really careful! Scammers can be clever, and use many different tactics, so be alert when out in Jamaa. 

Common Scams

Screenshot from 2013-12-21 14-26-40
The fox on the bridge trying to scam.
SentryturretAdded by Sentryturret
Here are the most common scams spotted in Jamaa. This may help you avoid scammers who do use these scams. Very few of these scams were done on Youtube. Can you guess them?

The "No Scam" Scam

You're walking around,let's say, Jamaa Township and you see someone saying:"Send me good and I will send (valuable item here)!!" You think he/she's being honest and you send a fox hat. Just like that, you got scammed! The scammer just runs away with your goodies, leaving YOU without the prize you wanted. It is not that easy to do but still, don't ever believe them. Even if you think you can trust them.

Also a few people STILL try to pull it off with the similar "You might win something" Scam and you pretty much know what it is about. I'm going to explain. You walk around let's say Lost Temple of Zios and you see a fox yelling "SEND ME ITEMS YOU MIGHT WIN SOMETHING!" You want to be a winner so you send a really valuable item for a bigger chance. You got scammed!They flee with your items leaving you without a prize or a lousy store bought item as a prize.

Screenshot from 2013-12-23 23-47-01
Never trust them...
SentryturretAdded by Sentryturret

The "It's my Birthday" Scam

One day you are in Jamaa Township, and you see someone begging "Send me rares, it's my birthday!" You want to be nice for their birthday, so you send them a rare, maybe a special one just to be nice. It is their birthday after all, isn't it? Guess what? You've just been scammed! It probably wasn't their birthday anyways, and you should never send rares to anyone you don't know. Even if it WAS their birthday, they most likely wouldn't want pixels. In fact, there are many people who claim that it's their birthday about 3 times a week. Report them for scamming and move on. Only send birthday gifts to people you know. Scammers use a variation of this, saying "Send me rares, its my friend's birthday and I want to surprise them with some rares!" They are just as much of scammers too, report them and do your own birthday gift-giving. If you do not know their friend, there is no point in giving a random person a rare for their "friend". This can be tempting to do, but only send rares to people you know.

The Trust Trading Scam

You're hanging out in Coral Canyons when you see a member fox dancing, saying, "Trst (trust) trading at my den!" You don't really know what that is, but it sounds interesting, so you go. A little while later, he comes, buddies everyone there, and announces, "Trst trades are when you do unfair trades to me, but you trust me, and I won't accept. It's really fun, I never accept, and the most trusting person gets a prize at the end! Now let's get started." When you open his trade list, you see a yellow seal plushie. You trade your top hat, yet, just as they said, he declines. Trading continues, with things like clover blankets and Monday rares. Outraged, the fox cries out, "That's all?! You guys don't trust me, do you?!?!" Feeling horrible, you decide to prove your faith by requesting him a fox hat. As promised, he declines. This continues on, and you finally begin to feel trusting. So you trade him a headdress and a rare bow, confident that your new buddy will decline it and possibly declare you the winner.. BAM. He accepts, unbuddies you, and diasappears. Trust trading is similar to "Decline All!" trading, yet is more convincing. Prove your loyalty and faithfulness in other ways.

The Animal Code Scam

Suppose you are in Jamaa Township and you see a person in the crowd yelling "GO TO MY DEN TO GET A (Special Animal Here)
Your typical scam.
Milia12345Added by Milia12345
A kangaroo attempting to scam.
Somebody caught trying to scam.
Screenshot from 2013-12-21 14-26-40
The fox on the bridge trying to scam.
SentryturretAdded by Sentryturret
CODE!" You want the code so you go to their den, at their den they say "Send me a gift and I give you the code!!!" Once a code is used, it's unusable for good. If you say that to the scammer, the scammer could reply with "It was my Bday yesterday and my mom got this new code cause she didn't know I already had one lol XD" Don't fall for this one!
A kangaroo doing the "Animal Code" scam.

The YouTube Scam

Someone in Jamaa will say "Give me a rare so you can be in my cool new vid!" You send them a rare, and they run. They most likely don't even have a Youtube account. Or they will do a fake shot of you. Some people do a real shot of you but sometimes just say "This is a scammer let's get rid of him/her!" Also beware... 

The YouTube Comment Scam

You're on YouTube, and you want a lion code or something like that for free. You look up free lion, cheetah, arctic wolf, kangaroo or snow leopard code, and a result comes up. Click one. Most of those videos will say on them "Leave your username and password in the comments for the code." Do not do this! This is just a entrance to being hacked and is not worth it. Most people who fall for it never get their rares back and the scammer runs off and sometimes even changes your password so you cannot access your account! The hacker/scammer may make you send them items that you own, and AJ can't replace that stuff. Never leave your password anywhere where people can see it. Try not to put your username either, because people can find random ways to hack. Ask yourself, Why would they need your username and password? One small test many players do is a harmless test: create a fake account put on something and check if it is hacked. This will prevent the hacking, however, they could change the password. A way to fix this is to tell your parents to change the password on their parent dashboard. A way to show that they are not lying or not is make a new account with nothing on it and no gems. Since it is a useless account, it doesn't matter if he/she changes the password. Plus, they cannot hack you if you have nothing. You should also recycle the stuff Animal Jam gave you so that they can't have a thing you had. This is a very common hack/scam, but also a conveinent way to avoid the scam.

The "I'm From AJHQ" Scam

A fox trying to scam.
WywulfAdded by Wywulf
Animal Jam SCAMMER0
Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 7.45.30 PM
A flyer for a scamming organization.
Scam pic 1
A example of a scam.
WywulfAdded by Wywulf
Screenshot from 2014-01-25 22-45-13
SentryturretAdded by Sentryturret
  Say you have a rare or craved item. Then a player with a username like AJHQ or Animal Jam Crew sends you a buddy request. You think they're from AJ, so you accept. The "worker" comes to you and says, "Hello, I'm from Animal Jam." or something like that. Because of their username, you believe them. Then they say something like, "I wanted to let you know that (your rare or craved item) will be updated soon. I need to borrow yours so AJHQ can work on the update." Then, because you think they're from Animal Jam, you send or trade them your item. Well, the stranger actually isn't from Animal Jam! He/she was just a regular player all along, their username tricked you, and there wasn't an update at all. So the scammer runs with your item, and the real AJHQ can't replace it. Think about it. Why would AJ need to go into their own game and borrow an item? They can edit the game without going into it and with the Daily Updates. Look out for this scam! Also, beware of Jam-A-Grams with similar messages. AJHQ has special Jam-A-Grams, a "seal", a special username bar which does not open a player card, and their messages cannot be replied to.

  • A real AJHQ Jam-A-Gram.
  • The AJHQ user bar. This is in a special color, has a special symbol, and will not open a player card.
  • The seal on a genuine AJHQ Jam-A-Gram.
  • The unavailable reply button.
The Send Me Send You Scam

Ok, so now some random person is running around saying "SEND ME UNWANTED STUFF AND I WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TOO!" Ok, so you send them unwanted stuff, and then you expect them to recycle your stuff for gems and something cool, right? Well, the scammer won't actually recycle your stuff, they'll KEEP it! And to make matters worse, they probably will not give you anything back. Asking for unwanted stuff is ok, but this is different and not ok! Sometimes they're telling the truth about it. Like when its a gifting party. For example: SEND ME UNWANTED ITEMS AND I SEND BACK!!! You believe them so you send them something, but usually they won't send anything back and keep your item. Sometimes they will send you something back but usually it is something store-bought like round glasses or a blue sofa. Some people are honest too, so if you want to try, do not use anything valuable. This is also one of the most common scams used in AJ.

The Make Me Silly Scam

Someone in Crystal Sands is dancing in circles saying something like "SEND ME ITEMS AND MAKE ME LOOK SILLY!!!" So you send an item to them. Half of the time, they won't even wear the item you send, and pocket the item/gems and book it. This may not be a scam, but never send in a rare item, and NEVER expect to get your clothing back. However, there are few that will send your items back. Also, similar to "MAKE ME SILLY!" there's also "SEND ME ITEMS AND EMBARASS ME!" works the same way, but a little more difficult to understand. 

Make me look silly scam
Example of the make me silly scam

The Gem Code Scam

This is a slightly common scam on Animal Jam. Lets say you are in Jamaa Township and you see a bunny saying, "GO TO MY DEN FOR A GEM CODE!". You go to their den, and the bunny suddenly says, "Now trade me something you think I might accept!". Lets say you trade your Rare Scary Bat Wings for some store-bought round glasses. Then, they say, "Go to your den and I will tell you the code," then they go to your den, while you follow along. They say, "The code is," but they won't say anything. You usually will ask, "What's the code?" but they reply saying, "Maybe it didn't show," but the gem code SHOULD show. They will say, "The code is," 2 or 3 more times. After they say it 2 or 3 more times, they will log off. You just got scammed! The best thing to do is trade an item that looks good, but is cheap, non-rare, non-beta, and store-bought.

The Dating Scam

If you date on Animal Jam, watch out! Some scammers will dress in what they think are nice clothes and say "send me a rare and I'll date you!" So, wanting a date, you might send them your rare. They may just run with it, or date you for a few minutes, un-buddy you, and scram. This scam is often popular among teenagers and other people who want to date who and haunt Animal Jam. Watch out for this one!! Remember, they could be an intelligent houseplant in real life.

The "My Parent is Watching Me" Scam

Someone is dancing around saying "SEND ME A RARE FOR A RARE MY PARENT (MUM/DAD) IS WATCHING ME NOT A SCAM!" or something, so the person pretends to not be a scammer. So you send a rare to that person and say "when are you giving me my rare?" and the person runs away keeping both rares. Their parent is not watching them, so avoid this trick! A way to test it is, if they don't have any rares, it's probably a scam. Another way to test it is, if they have a lot of rares or even just one rare, they most likely won't want to give any of their rares away, so it's a scam. Some Jammers even try to pretend to be their mom or dad just so they don't look like a scam! 
Mom poser
An example of a fox pretending to be her mom.
EvilrainbowAdded by Evilrainbow

The Free Membership Scam

Somebody is saying, "SEND ME (rare or cool item) AND I GIVE YOU FREE MEMBERSHIP!" It's a scam, and here's how. Animal Jam said themselves that they couldn't give out free membership. Animal Jam only gave free membership to BETA testers when Animal Jam was BETA. You also need your parent's permission to buy a membership, and it costs real-life money. Your parent has to go to the purchase membership screen, choose how long the membership will be, write down their paying method, their child's username and password, and their e-mail. The only other method is to buy a membership card (also known as Diamond gift cards or Arctic Wolf gift cards) The scammer doesn't even know your password, your parents' way of paying for things, or their e-mail address, so it's a scam. Even if they say, "I bought it already", they used a different account, or they're fibbing. Even if they say they will buy it after, don't do it!

The Membership Code Scam

Someone is saying "SEND ME RARES THEN GO TO MY DEN FOR MEMBERSHIP!!" so you send all your rares and go to the scammer's den, there might be a lot of people there, the scammer will say "ALRIGHT THE CODE IS" and then he or she will say something like "OH, GOT TO GO! SORRY!!!" or they will tell you a fake membership code, or both. Don't do this whatsoever. There is no such thing as a membership code anyway, the only way to get it is to buy it with real money. Or they may say, for example THE CODE IS .... and you say what is the code and they say maybe it didn't show up and leave with your rares.

The Computer Glitch Scam

Someone tells you that there is a problem with their computer and that trades won't show up. So they tell you to send them your item and they will send you theirs back. You won't get their item; they will just run off with yours, so be careful of this scam! They never have trading problems; AJHQ makes sure of that with every account. Trading is the only way to guarantee that you'll get something back. Or you can also say: "Send your item first." If they believe you and do it, you can send yours and you get their's, too. Try and get them to send first so you know its not a scam. Avoid this one! The Rare for a Million Gems Scam

Let's say you are in Jamaa Township when someone says," If you send me the most rares you get 10,000,000,000 gems!" , Do not fall for this one! This one is very common in Jamaa, so watch out! There are no gem codes out there that offer that many gems, and there is no way to trade gems in Jamaa. Plus, there is a limit on the amount of gems you can earn, just like everything else on AJ.

The Be Cool Scam

Somebody is saying, "SEND ME RARES OR BETAS IF YOU'RE COOL! IF YOU DON'T SEND THEM TO ME YOU'RE A LOSER!" You want to be considered cool, so you send a rare or beta. You're not the loser, the scammer is! The scammer won't care though, and he/she will run with your items. Don't believe people like this. Yo
Give me stuff if you are awesome scam. Don't do it! You are awesome not the scammer!
u're already cool, and you know it. So don't do this!

The Cool Glitch Scam

Somebody is yelling, "SEND ME A RARE AND I SHOW YOU A COOL GLITCH!" You want to know the glitch, so you send a rare. The scammer will either run with your rare, give you a fake glitch, or both. Don't do this no matter what. Glitches may end up ruining the game anyway, and a rare isn't worth a way to do a glitch. Plus, the many safe and easy glitches can simply be searched online. Don't try this!

The Win My Rare Scam

Somebody is saying, best decline wins my fox hat, rare, etc. You trade them, by the third, fourth, or fifth time, they will run away with your item if its a rare or a beta. Don't fall for this scam, it is very common!

The Best Gift Gets Diamonds Code Scam

A player is dancing, screaming, "BEST GIFT GET DIAMOND CODE!!! NO SCAM!!!!!" You really need diamonds, so you eagerly send them yur headdress. In a few moments, they disappear, leaving you sad. But then you get a Jam-a-Gram! Excitedly opening it, you read, "GOOD JOB. CODE IS.... TRICK YOU!!!!!! HA HA!!!" The bottom line : There are no free diamond codes. AJHQ said it themselves. The only diamond way to get diamonds are through gift cards, weekly member gifts (if you are a member), diamond packs, or occasionally the Daily Spin. Any code that they give you will be fake

The Pillow Glitch Scam

This is not a very common scam , but it happens. This scam is when someone says "COME TO MY DEN AND I WILL SHOW YOU THIS AWESOME GLITCH WITH A PILLOW!" You think its cool so you go to their den they say "click on the pillow a bunch of times" you do so but when you do they will trade you and the pillow is EXACTLY where the accept trade button is. You just lost your rare to a scammer. It's quite easy to avoid if you have nothing on your trade list.

The "I'll Color Your Rare" Glitch

Let's say you have a fox hat or any other rare. Someone says to you "I'll color that rare for you". So you go to the person's den. There is likely someone there with a locked den. The scammer says, " Send me your orange fox hat and I'll make it red/white." Non-members are often the target for this scam. You will send them the fox hat, then they will rush to the locked den. This is not as common as it was in 2012, but it still happens. Remember, most rares can't be colored, and you can't color something that has been already bought! This one is not very common either, but still, watch out for scammers. 

The "Trade Me Rares" Scam

Ok, so you see a person with a bunch of rares in Jamaa. They have on a founder, gazelles, a beard, spike wristband, a worn, etc. They are saying "Trade me betas!"  and all they have on trade are slightly rare items, and some member gifts. Stuff on trade that is clearly not worth the stuff they want. Then, people will have a rare. They will go "Oh, this guy's pretty rare! I have an Open Sign! He probably does super fair trades!"

Then, you trade your Open Sign for, lets say, The Claw. Obviously, you have been fooled. And they run away before you can change your mind.

The Rare Sign Scam

So, someone will have a beta (for example, a small blue table). Then, this person comes along with a rare item (for example, a rare epic dragon mask). Then, the person says, "I will trade you my rare epic dragon mask for your small blue table!" This person could obviously be a very rare person in disguise. You say, "But isn't my table rarer?"  Then they say ,"No, mine has a rare sign. Your thing is not rare." The person says "Ok then! I will trade you." This is a very bad scam to fall for.

The "I'm Poor" Scam

There's a little, lets say, bunny in Jamaa. It is wearing no clothes and is the deafult coloring from when you first buy it. They are saying "Trade me Betas, I'm Poor!" They could easily be rare, or a rare person's storage account. On trade, they have the brown table and blue rug you get when you first get on AJ. They want you to feel sorry for them, and make you trade or send your good rares or betas. Don't fall for it! This scam is really common and has been experienced by many. For all you know, they could be an AJ millionare. Try looking at their other animals; if they really are poor, they will have few or no other animals. And those other animals won't have any items that cost over 200 gems. Also a great way to test this out is to maybe go to their den to see if they have any expensive furniture. If their den is locked, either buddy them or tell them to unlock their den for a party. 
Im poor
Scam, and by the way, you can't accept gifts!
WywulfAdded by Wywulf

Hahaha.. NO
... Obviously a scam
RoadhawkAdded by Roadhawk
If they are poor, then they could earn gems and rares the legit way. As is states below, always check their achievement list and see how poor they really are.

The same bunny will say "Send me items! I'm poor!" And then the same thing happens. Look at the achievement list or their list of animals to see how "poor" they claim to be. If the person is a member and has many animals, disprove them by telling them to recycle the animals for gems.

The bottom line is do not give these people your stuff. Besides handing over your hard-earned items, you are teaching them a bad lesson. They need to understand that if they need or want money or items, they can't beg; they're not going to be able to do that in real life, and AJ is no exception.

The " AJ Headquarters" scam

You might have this really cool rare item on, and you just got back to your den after trotting around Jamaa, and this guy appears who says, " Hi, I am from AJ Headquarters. I am a new worker there and I am here to tell you about a new feature coming out next month called "AJ-Pro", and if you trade me your rare item, I will sign you up for it for free." This is one of the newer scams in AJ so watch out for it!

The Password for Rare Scam

Some people on animal jam may scam by asking for a password. For example: You may see a person with a rare claw that you can't get from any jammer you ask. You ask them "What for your claw?" In response, they say, "Come to my den." When you get to their den they ask you to give them your password, or a person may say something along the lines of, "If you want a (Insert rare and valued item), my den!!!" So, an unsuspecting victim goes to their den. A few seconds later the person returns to their den and say "I know a special code to get the rare  ______ on your account. Give me your password and l'll get the code on." This is a common scam used and allows the player to access another jammer's account; allowing them to transfer items from other jammers' accounts onto their own. Often they will change passwords, or even get you banned, so do not ever give your password out!

The Flashing trade Scam

Flash Trading, a quick trade, was the most popular scam, meant to be a fun game (thanks to Julian2). It was banned from saying Flash Me in AJ around April 2013. If you said "Flash me," a warning would appear saying that's scamming. That didn't stop people. They started saying "FISH ME," or "FLUSH ME," or "FLSH ME." So then, AJ put a stop to a lot of flashing. In about May 2013, AJ changed the trading buttons. The Accept and Decline buttons didn't come up until like 5 seconds after the trade was done.  So someone would have a bad item on trade. They would say FLASH ME. You had to flash them betas or rares, than decline quickly and they had to try to accept. That's how the buttons worked. Ok, here's an example. Someone in Jamaa is saying "FLSH ME!" So, you flash them betas. Sometimes, they were fast enough to accept, other times they were slower. What the scammers would do was, if they got the chance to accept, they may run away leaving you with a piece of junk. 

The Colored Item Scam

Ok, so you will see someone saying "Come to my den to change the color of your item!" This scam is mostly targeted towards non members. In their den there will see an item in the bottom left-ish corner of a small house den. They will ask you to click that item rapidly and put the item that you want to change color on trade. You will click the item and they will send you a lousy trade. And there, you will notice that the item you were clicking was the "accept trade" button and your item will be gone. There is no way to change the color of a bought item.

The Recorder Scam

Ok. This is a very complex and difficult scam to pull off, but it has happened. Someone is recording. You trade someone very fairly - for instance, a red spike collar for a blue one - and they ask to trade back. But, after a bit of trading back and forth, they ask to SEND it back and she/he will send it back as well. Now, this is a very difficult scam to avoid, due to its complexity, but it IS possible to pull it off if you know your situations. The problem with this scam that's hard to avoid: Normally, the person recording might pull up your card and try to blame YOU for scamming for refusing to send back. That's the bad part. A good suggestion is to simply ask them to send it first; if they do, then you can send back. If they don't, they've caught themselves! However, most people realize this too late and are able to call you out as a cheater. This could stop other jammers from trading you rares and betas, and you could be hated. Only some scammers actually upload the videos, but beware either way. 

The Jam-A-Gram Scam

You're walking somewhere, when suddenly, you get a jam-a-gram. You see what it is, and they are from a person. They say, 'Give me a (insert rare item here) for a (rare item here)!' You are so excited, you give them the item. They say, 'Here you go'and it has a gift. You open it, and its the item you do NOT want. Be aware, because it could be a jammer you do not know, or your friend! 

'The 'Best Decline Scam

This is a very common scam as of 2014. You are walking somewhere, when you see someone dancing, saying, "BEST DECLINE GETS (rare item here)  !!!!! DON'T WORRY!! I DECLINE ALL, TRY ME!!" They have a really cheap item on trade, like a necklace, plushie, or sturdy table. But the prize is a really cool item and you really want it, so you trade, say, a fox hat. They decline, but when you trustingly trade your rare headdress, they accept and run off, leaving you without the promised prize. Don't be fooled... everyone will accept if the right items come up.

"Best decline gets whole outfit!"
Cupcat1234Added by Cupcat1234

Screenshot 2013-10-18 at 8.57.07 PM
"I decline!"
OoMangoAdded by OoMango
The Fake Account Scam

Totally not a scam guiz
"Notascanner", kinda ironic, since she IS a scammer.
EvilrainbowAdded by Evilrainbow
This is seen lots of times, with scammers doing that, they make a new non member account on the game, then scam 
A scammer using a fake account. Note that it only has three achievements, and has a pirate sword.
people, after they sent/trade it to their real accounts! It is all to make sure they don't get suspended or banned on their real accounts.

A good way to tell if they are using a fake account to scam is to look at their Achievements list. If they offer a very rare or hard-to-find item in the scam, they should have many gaming or gem-earning achivements, and not be a New Jammer. Anything under 5 Achievements may be an early warning sign that they wish to scam. on the other hand, if they have lots of achievements, but most of them were conquered by sending gifts, they are probably using a fake account.

The "Send Me Stuff, It My Friend's Birthday" Scam

A variation of the It's My Birthday Scam. Let's say there is a bunny saying "send me rares, it's my friends birthday and I am really poor." Do not send! They will most likely just pocket your rare and run to a locked den. 

The I Got Scammed Scam

Say you are in Jamaa Township and you see someone saying "I got scammed today! All rares gone! Please send me rares!" You decide to be nice and you send them a really good item, like a rare or beta. You just got scammed! Most likely they never got scammed, and they just want more rares. A way to check if this is a scam is see if they are wearing any rares, or if any rares are on trade. This can help protect you from this scam. But, most people who try this scam may be prepared for that. They will take all rares off any place you can see them. If it really looks as if they have gotten scammed, you can send them a piece of clothing or a den item that you can buy anywhere, but Don't send anything valuable! Because, likely if you see this it is a scam. You can also check by going to their den and looking to see if there is anything in it. This scam has only been discovered in July, 2013, so it can be very common among members. 

The Is My Den Epic? Scam

You are just looking for something to do and you see an animal with lots of rares on saying "Is my den epic? If you think so, send me something good and I will send you something from it!" You go to the person's den and you think it is one of the best dens you've ever seen! You decide to send this person a Rare Pink Sofa for their den. You say in the jam-a-gram you want a HD Television. A few seconds later, you get a jam-a-gram back saying "THANK YOU SO MUCH! HERE'S A GIFT!" You open the gift, and it's something worthless. This is not a very common scam, but it has happened so LOOK OUT!  Sometimes, they will not even send you a jam-a-gram, so you will not be able to report them.

The Adoption Scam

This Scam is not very common. So you will get adopted by someone. This scam is usually targeted at non-members, and usually they will do the scam on you if you have a rare or beta. So say a member adopts you, and you have a white fox hat or something. They take you to their den and are really nice. Then they act all surprised about your rare, beta, or good item, and ask if they can try it on. You ask if they are a scammer. They are going to act all surprised and pretend they don't know what a scam is. You are hopefully not going to trust them, but if you do they will ask you to put it on trade. They will trade it for a really dumb item, and you will accept. Then they will try it on and either say that they have to go offline, block and unbuddy you, or both. This scam is possible to pull off, but it is very hard because jammers have more knowledge about this now. But new jammers can be easily exposed to this scam. 

The "Try it on Myself" Scam.

Let's say your friend LOVES your rare spike collar! You guys have been friends for over a year and you trust them. Your friend says "Can I try on your spike collar?" and you say "Sure!" and you send them your spike collar. They try it on - then keep it. You're like "Can I have it back now?" they're like "A few more minutes please!" After a few minutes, they delete you and run, keeping the item.

The "Win My Trade List" Scam

One day you are in Jamaa Township and you see a wolf saying out loud in the crowd saying, "WHOEVER SENDS ME BEST RARE OR BETA WINS MY STUFF ON TRADE!". You look at the scammer's trade list and you think the scammer owns epic stuff, so you send them a rare or beta; the scammer does not give you his trade list, and runs away leaving you with a dumb item bought from the store. Sometimes, to avoid from being reported, the scammer will not send you anything! Remember, scammers do not give you their trade list - they are likely just showing you what they have scammed from other Jammers. Don't do this!

The "My Relative Just Died" Scam

This scam is one of the most ridiculous of the lot. There's someone in a public place saying "SEND ME ITEMS! MY MOM/DAD/AUNT/UNCLE JUST DIED!" Don't fall for it. If it was a close relative, they would more likely not be on Animal Jam begging for items. I mean, really, can pixelated clothing for your wolf comfort the immense grief of a relitive's death? I think not. Watch out - they often say that a pet, friend, or teacher died. 

The Tattletale Scam

This scam works like this: Someone says "SEND ME ITEMS OR I'LL TELL AJHQ!" You don't want to get told on, so you send them some items. They run off. Why would AJHQ do something to you for not giving items you got fair and square? The other person is the scammer, so report them. They can't actually do anything, as it's the AJ moderators who make the descisions in the end.

The Stop Scamming Scam

The bunny in Jamaa Township saying SEND ME A RARE OR BETA TO STOP SCAMMING is not preventing scamming. THEY'RE SCAMMING YOU! don't fall for this one. Sometimes they'll do this: They'll say 'IF YOU SENT ME A RARE GO TO MY DEN! I'LL RECORD US SAYING STOP SCAMMING!' When they say this, they're most likely going to do one of the two things:

1. Not record at all and just run

2. Fake record 




The "Whoever Trades Best Wins" Scam

Say you're in Jamaa Township, and a Jammer says "Come to my den if you want something off my list!", so you see something on their list you like, so you go to their den, and then they have a thing where they put a pillow or other cheap store bought item like a necklace on their list, they then say "whoever trades me best item will win my bow, I will always decline", so who try to compete with the other users by trading the best items. Most of the time, however, these Jammers are liars, and when you try to trade a super rare item (rare worn, fox hat, etc) and instead of declining, as they say, they accept the trade, and take your item, leaving you with a pillow. They then either run away or log off, or both. Please be smart and never fall for this scam, if you see people similar in Jamaa Township or anywhere, don't do it, no matter what they say. 
A "Best Trade Wins" scammer.
Cupcat1234Added by Cupcat1234

The "COME TO MY DEN FOR FREE ITEM!!! / Giveaway" Scam

So, lets say you are in a crowded area and you notice a speech bubble above a wolf's head that reads, "COME TO MY DEN FOR FREE PIRATE SWORD!" So, naturally, you go to his/her den and it turns out you are the first one there. When they come to their den they realize you were first, so they tell you to go to your den for the pirate sword. You arrive at your den and they say, "Ok, i will send sword, but you have to do ______ to get it." Lets say in this  case, the blank is, " You have to accept my trade for your Fox hat." Then you recieve a trade, a necklace or pillow for your fox hat. However, you are confident that the sword is worth more than your fox hat, so you accept the trade. They will then run off, leaving you without your fox hat AND without a sword. They dont always do a trade, sometimes they  will say "You have to buy me _____ to get it" or you have to send me ____ to get it". Occasionally they start doing the "Decline All," claiming that the best one will win it. However, whatever situation plays out.... NEVER fall for this!! I would hate for you to lose your items! Also, if it WASN'T a scam, they would have traded you the pirate sword for the fox hat! But then, it wouldn't be "free" so watch out for this one! This is also occasionally known as the Giveaway Scam. They are both the same thing.

The Fashion Show Scam

Say you're in Jamaa Township and someone says "Fashion show my den Winner gets a fox hat!", so you go cause you want the fox hat, then, when the scammer comes to the den, he/she says "send me something to play!", so you send something, then they say "GTG!" and then leaves with your item. This is a fairly new scam. If you see anyone do this, don't send them anything.

The Prize Scam

So, let's say you've won a contest, say, a Fashion Show or race. The prize is a plushie, fair enough? But you have a rare on your trade. They trade you your "prize" for your rare. You decline, but they say, "Well, you have to trade that if you want your prize. What, you don't want what you've won?" Yet they still won't give you your prize unless you trade your rare. So, really feeling as if you've deserved a trophy, aka plushie, you accept. Boom, you've lost your rare for a plushie. Normally, the entire contest is a scam, so they bribe you into trading your rare by saying the plushie is a prized trophy that you've earned. This scam seems to put more of the fault on you, for accepting, so it's quite dangerous. Watch out!

The Fashion Designer Scam

So you're in Coral Canyons and a you see a member wolf dressed in a pair of black Antlers from jamaalidays, a stirped jamaaliday scarf (NEW VERSION) a black Worn, and a pair of black elf bracelets saying "WANT AN OUTFIT AS COOL AS MINE? SEND ME YOUR USER AND P A S S TO GET IT!" So you send your user and password to the person, and then a few minutes later you get a jam-a-gram that says to stay offline for an hour. You wonder what that means. Then a second later, you get logged off. After an hour, you try to log back on, and find that you've been suspended. Then, you get on the next day and NOTHING is there. The person has most likely pocketed your items, deleted your animals, and run. This is not a good scam to fall for! It was common in 2012, but not as common in 2013. But remember, never ever ever give out your password, as it can only lead to trouble.

The Beta Scam

So your in Appondale, and you see a member dancing and a non member standing next to them. The member wants, let's say, Scary Bat wings. The non member has a pair of Scary Bats on trade, but the person says that the'll only accept the non member's Bats. The non memeber just got the Bats, and does not want to give them up. So the non member puts a bag of presents on trade and says "TRADE ME SCARY BATS!" You trade the non member Scary Bat wings, and then the non member trades the member Scary Bats for something stupid. Then they log off. The scam? They were the same person, so really they just got another pair of Scary Bats. This scam is pulled off a lot in 2013, so be careful not to fall for it.

The Trading Staring Contest

Ok, So your in town, and someone walks up to you and says, "I challenge you to a trading staring contest!" Then, you ask, "What are the rules?" The scammer says, "Trade me a beta, and whoever cancels first looses!" So you trade them for the only thing on their list, (a non member cheap item) and then after 2 minutes, the other person accepts! This is a hard scam to fall for, but it can be pulled off on new jammers or young jammers. WATCH OUT!!!

The I'll Give You Two Scam

This works in the same way as the colour my rare scam, but in a different way. Say you are playing with your friend in zios, wearing bat wings...

Scammer: Hey! I can give you another pair of those wings.

You: Wow! Really?

Friend: Like... duplicate them?

Scammer: Yes.

Friend: Here then. Show me. *Gives coloured glove*

Scammer: I'll be right back.

Five minutes later...

Scammer: Here! *Gives two coloured gloves*

You: OOH! Do it with my bats! *Gives bats*

Scammer: Thanks dude! *Runs off*

You: D=

This scam is easy to fall for.

The Pity Me Scam

So you are walking one day and then a wolf (member and non-members will do this) notices you have, for instance, a rare bow on trade and starts following you. Then, they try to trade you unfairly, say, your rare bow for a pillow/mat. Of course, you decline. Then, with the sad emoticon, they say, "Oh please give me your rare bow. I never had one...and no one ever trades me one, or accepts my trades. And I really wanted a bow."

You start feeling bad but keep walking. But the wolf follows you with the sad emoticon, saying, "Please. Do not ruin my day with this, can you please trade me your bow?"

And they will try to trade you again.

This time, you feel so bad for the player, thinking it's wrong not to just give it to him, so you accept the unfair trade.

The wolf disappears. Watch out, you just got scammed! Usually, the player isn't that upset about not having an item. Think about it: if they wanted it so badly they wouldn't go around begging; they'd work for it (adventures, fair trades, etc.). This is quite a common scam; do not get fooled by it. Listen: you do not have to give a Jammer anything. There is no need to pity any Jammer because of the stuff they have/lack.

The Blackmailing Scam

This is one of the meanest scams of all. So, you are shopping one day and someone gives you an unfair trade, say, your rare for their rug. Of course, you decline. However, then that person says, "If you don't trade me, I will report you."

So, in fear of getting reported, you accept the unfair trade.

This is an extremely unfair trade. In this situation, there is another option rather than giving them what they want. The best thing to do in that situation, quickly click the scammer's name tag (if accessible) and click the button to go to your den.

You've gotten away from them. If the scammer is your buddy, unbuddy them, report them, and lock your den. If you are fast enough you can get away before you are reported. Remember: even if you were reported, a monitor can review the situation, and see that you are innocent. You do NOT have to give anyone anything just because they asked.

The newest version of this scam is, let's say you unlocked your den for a party. Once the party is over, everyone clears out. You're about to lock your den when a tiger comes in. 'Sorry, the party's just ended.' you might say. The tiger could respond with 'wat party xD?'. You ask him to leave politely, but he says no. When you have asked him to leave the fifth time, he will say something like 'sorry not leaving lol'. You ask him what it will take for him to leave. He'll [this is a WILL] say something like 'your (highly desired rare, such as spike) for my necklace.'. No way this is happening. Another thing that's not common is that he will ask you to perform an act against the Animal Jam rules. You fear that this jammer isn't going to leave, so you trade the unfair trade. He may not leave, he may want something else, just beware of this. It's happened to me twice already, but be careful. They may start using unkind words.

Remember, DO NOT give them this. They can't do anything.

WillowshinesAdded by Willowshines

The Impostor Scam

One day, you're hanging out in Jamaa Township when you see a guy who looks like a famous Jammer (for example Julian2). He says that he's doing MailTime, so you click his player card. It says JuIian2. You send him a bow happily. But later you search 'Julian2' and see that he looks completely different. In case you didn't notice before now, the capital 'i' looks just like the lowercase 'L' in usernames. It's hard to tell the difference, so always search first, send later.  

AJ Madjaster imposter
Example of an imposter of Madjaster the legendary clan leader
The player on the right is an imposter. Beware!
Cupcat1234Added by Cupcat1234

The "For My Kids" Scam

This is a probably uncommon form of scamming, but it exists. The player will basically pretend they are a parent and they need you to send them things for their kid(s). If they were really a parent, they wouldn't be on Animal Jam! Don't send them anything!


This is not a commonly seen scam but, it has been reported to happen. It goes something like this:

Scammer: OMG!! [AJ celebrity like Julian2] is at my den!!!!!!

Player: Where are they now? Can I talk to them?

Scammer: I don't know, but send me an item and i will tell him to come back.

Player:-gives gift-

Scammer: -laughs and runs away-

Player: :(

Don't fall for this scam!

The Hacked by Fman122 Scam

Fman122 is a player who hacks and sends viruses to Jammers, making their account or computer crash. He has been banned before; however, he has been able to create more Jammers (via creating his own new avatars, or using the players he hacked). After being hacked by Fman122, Jammers usually feel upset at their loss of items. Sometimes, this can be real, but the chances of someone being hacked and coming back to tell the tale is almost nill. If it actually IS true, he player will have no clothes, no items on trade, no den items, no membership - absolutely nothing, with no achievements. But in the scam, people will transfer their things to an alt, then scream out, "I was hacked by of man122 ! Send or trade me items!" It is usually a scam. Unless this is a friend you REALLY know, you shouldn't do it, even if the jammer really did get hacked.

The "I'm Fman122" Scam

Fman122, being a player who hacks and sends viruses to Jammers, can crash accounts and computers. This makes Fman122 a frightful player to lots of jammers. Scammers can use this as an advantage. They can create a New Jammer with a Fman122-like-name, then dress like him. They can then go to Jamaa and say, "Trade me your rares and betas, or I will hack you!" This is not true, because first of all, Fman122 cannot say that. He is usually silent, and, if anything, he only says "Thanks for playing with me!", his motto. Second, if he has no achievements like "Pen Pal!", or, "1 Gift Sent!", it's not the real Fman122. He would have sent something and hacked the player by the time he started the account. Third, it has been revealed that the true Fman cares nothing about items. Lastly, Fman does have many known alts, but they are quickly discovered by inquisitive players - then posted on blogs and such, so we know who they are. Be careful for this scam, and even if they aren't not Fman122, stay away from them.

My Sibling Needs It Scam

I've seen this scam happen frequently, and there are different versions, but the same trick. So let's say you have two valuable worn blankets, a short blue spike-collar, a long orange spike-wristband, a tan carpet, and a solid black top hat with an orange tail armor.

A member wolf walks up to you, she has a tan top hat, a long yellow spike collar, seven headdresses, five worns, and twelve legendary gloves. She says to you, "Come to my den, we have something important to discuss!" She says to you.

So you follow her to her den, and she says, "You have a spike! OMG! My sister used to have one but her account got hacked so she doesn't have one! Same with your wristband. Now, trade BOTH of those items straight to me! My sibling needs it so badly, and I promise - I'll give you half a dozen of my items if you do so! HURRY!!" She seems really frantic, and you trust her, nearly drooling at the thought of having so many rares. You promptly send it to her, excitedly waiting. But then she takes you off your buddy list and flees!

If you ever come across a situation like this, IGNORE IT! The scammer's sister/brother either does not play AJ, or they do not exist, or if they show you the account it's probably a fake account they created just to trick people! Plus, why not send the sibling a headdress and a legendary glove? They could trade those for spikes and more - if they were real. Jam on, don't scam on!

The Grand Betting Scam

You see a girl member wolf on the 'rare' bridge with a headdress, green long spike, tan worn, cream glove, and pink tail armor. You have a pink and purple headdress, a purple heart locket, a pink worn, a pink glove, and purple tail armor. She continuously says, "Looks at __________'s nice rares"

You walk up to her and as you were about to type a sentence, she interrupted you. She said, "Hey! Wanna bet?" You suddenly paused. Betting was a type of scam, and it was against the rules. You were a sweet and loving angel at this point, and you were worried that you may lose something. But an evil grin slunk on your face. She can't be perfect all her life, so why not? Her friends might not even know!

"Ok." You say. "Now! The challenge is to make 10 friends is 5 seconds! If I win, that headdress is mine. If you win, on the other hand, my spike belongs to you." She says.

It sounded like a reasonable win, but hard. "Go!" The scammer yelled. You began doing the challenge as quickly as you could! But little did you know that the scammer was cheating, she only unfriended one buddy on her list and friended it back as quickly as possible.

"Time's up!" She yelled. You were disappointed. It was very hard to win the challenge, since people either weren't accepting requests at the moment, or that their buddy lists were full, etc.

"AND YOUR HEADDRESS IS MINE! GIVE IT TO ME NOW OR I SHALL REPORT YOU AND GET YOU BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Very upset at the thought of getting banned for infinity, you send her the headdress quickly and she runs with your headdress. You go away crying.

Always REFUSE to do a bet! If you accidentally end up doing a bet, make sure it's a fair bet. When the scammer says the challenge, and it doesn't sound like a fair one, then get out of the competition or make an excuse. Even if they threaten to report you, don't do it! They can't report you for doing nothing, and AJHQ keeps a history of every players' actions. NEVER TRUST A SCAMMER!

The Trade-Me-Something-and-I-Send Scam

I've seen this happen once, but failed to me. Anyways, so you go to Jamaa Township, while you for example have a Spike, a wolf comes up to you with a headdress saying. "Get a headdress my den!" So, since you want the Headress on her/him, you go to his/her den, and then he/she says. "Trade something for my plushie and then i'll send you a headdress" so, since you trust her/him, you trade your spike for the plushie. The scammer will do following.

1. Don`t send anything at all and run to a locked den.


2. Send you something worthless after the trade.

Even though this scam might be rare, do watch out for it.

The Beta Scam

Someone comes up to you and trades a green tie for your mech angel wings. You decline, saying, "Store-bought items aren't worth mech angel wings." The scammer says, "It isn't store-bought. It's a highly coveted beta." So he does the bad trade again and you accept. He runs off with your beta, leaving you with a tie. This scam is commonly pulled off against non members since they can't change the color of store-bought items.

The "Did you know?" Scam

You are sitting in Claw's 'n' Paws, waiting for your friend. When suddenly, a lion comes up to you and says something like, "hey did u know tht ur (piece of rare clothing, ex:Rare Golden Headphones) is a beta?" Curious, you ask, "really? how do u know?" The lion responds, "my friend knows all of the betas. i can show it to him and prove it if ur doubtful" You really want to know the value, so you send it to him in a Jam-A-Gram. He says, "thx! i would show it to him right now, but i gtg." He logs off with your rare! This is pretty uncommon, but I just wanted you to be aware of it.

The "Help Non-Members" Scam

You just got your membership, and are very excited! Then you notice a sad non-member wolf following you around. He becomes your buddy, and you find that he's really nice. But one day, he tells you that he wants a Membership very badly, but his parents can't afford it. You feel a twinge of guilt, yet don't know what you can do for your friend. Then he says, "Hey, I know a trick from AJHQ that'll let me get Membership." You ask what it is, and he says that you have to give him your password for it to work. Hesitating, you ask if it's safe. "Of course!" he replies, smiling. "Then I enter a special code, and voila! I get Membership, too!" Eager to help your friend, you type your password one letter at a time. Your buddy tells you to stay offline for an hour. The next day, you go on, excited to see if the trick worked. BOOM. You log on to a completely empty account, with no animals or items - all your rares are gone, and all your dens too. The "best friend" has unbuddied you, and his player card shows his wolf wearing your rares. The next day, you find yourself banned. Don't give out your password!

Scam, hack, bully, oh my!
This person tried to do the "Non-Member Help" scam. Beware of bubba013.
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Prevent Scamming

There are a few simple steps that you can take to keep from getting scammed. Just follow these rules:

  1. Never give your password to anyone, no matter how trustworthy they seem.
  2. Never send anyone rares or betas without taking some sort of collateral. That way, if they bolt, you still have a rare.
  3. Don't trust anyone, not even your best friend. Letting anyone try anything you own on means that you probably won't get it back, and just because you are "friends" with someone doesn't mean they won't scam you. 
  4. Trading is the only way to guarentee that you will get an item back - or keep your current one.
  5. Never accept an undertrade unless you're trying to give something to a nonmamber. Never overtrade either. If you do, the other Jammer will probably bolt with your stuff.
  6. Be firm with the scammer; If they offer you a code for something, check the code first, then send if it is a good code.
  7. Always block and report the jammer if they try to scam you.
  8. Never dash/flash trade! Sometimes a glitch occurs when the trade won't load, and when it does it doesn't appear as a flash.  An example is, say you have a great rare bow and arrows.  As a joke, you dash it to someone.  Suddenly, the "loading" icon appears on your screen.  When it stops loading, the person has accepted, and bolted with your bow.
  9. If a scammer is offering very rare or valuable items in their scam, check their achievements. If they have no or little gaming achievements, or less than 5 total, they either don't have the item or are a scammer's alt. Be cautious.


Scamming Picture 4
What I want
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Scamming Picture 3
The Jamagram Scam
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Scamming Picture 2
A bad trading Scam
Hurricane75Added by Hurricane75
Scamming Letter 1
The ending.. After This the scammer charged in shouting that I scammed them
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Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 4.30.34 PM
A scammer caught doing the "I Never Accept!" Scam

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