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  • A Send Me Send You Scam-A-Gram
  • Another Send Me Send You Scam-A-Gram
  • A Tattletale Scam-A-Gram
  • A Send Me For Code Scam-A-Gram
  • A Scam a Gram by someone who said "send me something I send back rare!".
  • Another "I'll send you code!!" scam.
  • A scam a gram showing the "try on" scam.
  • Another picture of a try on scam a gram sent by the same user.
  • The "It's my Birthday" scam
  • Scam... Like many scammers, this player didn't even have a headdress in the first place.
  • A scam attempt with really bad grammar.
  • A Scammer's attempt with the Birthday Scam.
  • Attempt to scam.
Scammers are abundant in Animal Jam, most likely because rare items are a major part of Animal Jam's gameplay. They are players that will want to steal your items. Most scams and well known and most scammers are well avoided, but younger players and new players may not realize as to when a scammer is lurking about. Remember, trading is the only sure way to guarantee that you'll get something back. If someone asks you to send something and in return they'll send something back, then it is almost definitely a scam. Be a Jammer, not a scammer! Lots of people will find ways to disguise their scam, so be really careful! Scammers can be clever, and use many different techniques, so be alert when out in Jamaa.

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