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Sarepia Forest
Sarepia Forst Construction
Important Information
Land or Ocean Land
Attractions Sarepia Theater, Campfire, Slide
Shops Flag Shop, Treetop Gardens, Topiary Shop
Games Hedge Hog, Super Sort, Wind Rider, Pill Bugs, Swoopy Eagle
Habitat Forest
Animal Jam OST - Sarepia Forest

Sarepia Forest is an ancient but extraordinary pine forest that has grown up and now has a small community in the trees. Sarepia Forest has many interesting activities to look at and do, including Mira's campfire, the theater, Flag Shop, Treetop Gardens, and the newest shop, the Topiary Shop. This region is connected to four other areas. The Northwest bridge is a pass up to Mt. Shiveer, while the Northeast bridge is above a river linked to Coral Canyons. Southwest leads to Jamaa Township, and Southeast is to the Lost Temple of Zios. It's a perfect place for camping, wildlife watching, or just hanging out. In a recent Animal Jam update, Swoopy Eagle was placed at the top corner of the Sarepia Theater.


Sarepia Theater - The Sarepia Theater is a building where you can sit down with your friends to enjoy some short AJ movies, which normally consist of short educational clips. You can get popcorn from the popcorn machine, and get plushies from the claw machine in the lobby. And also, the best thing about it is that many Jammers learn facts that can amaze their buddies.

Campfire - If four or more people dance  by the fire pit, blue flames casts an impersonation of Mira dancing. Temporarily, it stopped working in early 2011. It was later fixed in late February 2012. There is a small rumor that if enough people dance, you can win rares and betas. It has not been proven.

Slide - This slide starts near the Pill Bugs game, goes through a hollowed out tree, and ends by the mushroom patch. A glitch that can happen with the slide is that you can stay on it and walk to where a dark cavern is. This is a common glitch.


Animal Jam Secrets Mira's Campfire01:16

Animal Jam Secrets Mira's Campfire

Flag Shop - It used to be a hut that had a large lock and chains strapped around the entrance, but now sells flags from around the globe. It also includes the Jamaa flag and many more. In inventory, there are one hundred and eleven flags (excluding non-country flags), eighty five country flags are absent (in total there are 196 countries in the world. However, The Flag Shop does not have all these countries' flags.)

Treetop Gardens -  Near the bridge that leads to Coral Canyons, there is a green blanket with flower patterning, and one of each plant sold in this shop is displayed. Jammers also know this shop as the "plant shop". The potted plants from Coral Corner are re-introduced as den items.

Depending on the season, (including Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and holidays) new plants are introduced. During 2015 plants began to be introduced every month, and were recognised as an alternative to birthstones, birth-flowers. These symbolize each month.

Topiary Shop - At the end of the Slide, in the bottom right conner, in the mushroom patch, where the Pet Dogs are sold.

Flag Shop
Flag Price
Jamaa Flag 150 Gems
Peace Flag 300 Gems
Phantom Flag 300 Gems
Pirate Flag 300 Gems
United States of America 150 Gems
Canada 150 Gems
United Kingdom 150 Gems
Australia 150 Gems
Philippines 150 Gems
New Zealand 150 Gems
Netherlands 150 Gems
Romania 150 Gems
India 150 Gems
Ireland 150 Gems
Indonesia 150 Gems
Bulgaria 150 Gems
Mexico 150 Gems
China 150 Gems
Singapore 150 Gems
Germany 150 Gems
Greece 150 Gems
Lithuania 150 Gems
Malaysia 150 Gems
Spain 150 Gems
Israel 150 Gems
Brazil 150 Gems
Hungary 150 Gems
Qatar 150 Gems
Poland 150 Gems
Argentina 150 Gems
Colombia 150 Gems
Egypt 150 Gems
France 150 Gems
Japan 150 Gems
Portugal 150 Gems
Puerto Rico 150 Gems
Saudi Arabia 150 Gems
South Korea 150 Gems
United Arab Emirates 150 Gems
Turkey 150 Gems
Russia 150 Gems
Kuwait 150 Gems
South Africa 150 Gems
Italy 150 Gems
Taiwan 150 Gems
Sweden 150 Gems
Denmark 150 Gems
Switzerland 150 Gems
Chile 150 Gems
Iraq 150 Gems
Czech Republic 150 Gems
Ukraine 150 Gems
Croatia 150 Gems
Iran 150 Gems
Jamaica 150 Gems
Norway 150 Gems
Pakistan 150 Gems
Vietnam 150 Gems
Lebanon 150 Gems
Honduras 150 Gems
Scotland 150 Gems
Ecuador 150 Gems
Austria 150 Gems
Finland 150 Gems
Thailand 150 Gems
Cuba 150 Gems
Hong Kong 150 Gems
Costa Rica 150 Gems
Venezuela 150 Gems
Slovenia 150 Gems
Sri Lanka 150 Gems
Madagascar 150 Gems
Cambodia 150 Gems
Haiti 150 Gems
Peru 150 Gems
Belgium 150 Gems
Guam 150 Gems
Luxemburg 150 Gems
Estonia 150 Gems
Malta 150 Gems
Bahamas 150 Gems
Bermuda 150 Gems
Iceland 150 Gems
Barbados 150 Gems
Macau 150 Gems
Guyana 150 Gems
Angola 150 Gems
Nepal 150 Gems
Bali 150 Gems
Macedonia 150 Gems
Samoa 150 Gems
Bangladesh 150 Gems
Panama 150 Gems
Syria 150 Gems
Cyprus 150 Gems
Nicaragua 150 Gems
Serbia 150 Gems
Trinidad and Tobago 150 Gems
Bahrain 150 Gems
Jordan 150 Gems
Latvia 150 Gems
Bosnia and Herzegovina 150 Gems
Dominican Republic 150 Gems
Kenya 150 Gems
Morocco 150 Gems
Uruguay 150 Gems
Northern Mariana Islands 150 Gems
Georgia 150 Gems
Cayman Islands 150 Gems
Kazakhstan 150 Gems
Botswana 150 Gems
Mongolia 150 Gems
Algeria 150 Gems
Oman 150 Gems
Guatemala 150 Gems

Treetop Gardens
Plant Price
Crocus Flowers 300 Gems
Large Cactus 200 Gems
Tulip Patch 300 Gems
Bamboo 200 Gems
Passion Flower 325 Gems
Lobster Claw 350 Gems
Baby Palm Tree 200 Gems
Cactus 150 Gems
Large Planter 700 Gems
Potted Plants 275 Gems
Tall Cactus 350 Gems
Tiny Tree 300 Gems
Planter 300 Gems


250 Gems

Wall Ivy

300 Gems
Grass Couch 500 Gems
Grass Chair 450 Gems

Topairy Shop
Topairy Price
Deer Topairy 400 Gems
Cheetah Topairy 400 Gems
Raccoon Topairy 400 Gems
Fox Topairy 400 Gems
Giraffe Topairy 400 Gems
Penguin Topairy 400 Gems
Horse Topairy 400 Gems
Crocodile Topairy 400 Gems
Elephant Topairy 400 Gems
Rhino Topairy 400 Gems
Harp Seal Topairy 400 Gems
Koala Topairy 400 Gems
Wolf Topairy 400 Gems

Bunny Topairy

400 Gems

Monkey Topairy

400 Gems
Panda Topairy 400 Gems
Tiger Topairy 400 Gems


Wind Rider - Can be found by the flag shop with the wooden planks around it painted like clouds in the sky. In this game you parachute down as you collect coins and avoid phantoms. If you don't get stung by any Phantom there will be a treasure chest on the right side, which will give you a bonus of 50+ Gems.

Super Sort - Sort the items in the right bin! Use the left and right arrow keys to bump the items into the right bin with the paddle. Correctly sort all of the items and receive bonus Gems. But beware, if you put the items in the wrong bin; then you lose the game, and after every level they give you a fact about recycling.

Hedge Hog - A game with rules similar to "Pac-Man"! Use the arrow keys to collect all of the berries. Be aware of the phantoms! Get the power crystal to catch the phantoms.

Pill Bugs - Move your mouse to aim and click to launch the pill bug. The remaining pill bugs gives you a score bonus! When you hit a ladybug; a bronze, silver, or gold bug would appear. When you hit all the pill bugs on a level, an achievement and gem bonus will be earned: Bug Bomb.

Popcorn Machine - There are no rules, or Gems earned. In the Theater Lobby, fill you bucket with falling popcorn. But, avoid the seeds and burnt popcorn. Afterwards you have fresh popcorn floating near your avatar.

Swoopy Eagle - This game is very similar to the popular app Flappy Bird. You can find it above the Theater.

Journey book

Termite - You can find the termite nest to the top of the ladder far left of the slide ending.

Fireflies- Go down the ladder a little, wait, and the fireflies will be small glowing dots above a log to the left.

Moss - Go down the slide near the spawn point. The moss is the green matter to the left on the tree.

Mushrooms - Click on the brown mushrooms down below the moss and slide.

Skunks - There would be a family of skunks walking down across the campfire area every now and then.

Poison ivy - At the bottom of the ladder, directly to the right.

Snail - To the left of the ladder below the log. You will see it crawl out every couple seconds.

Woodpecker - The woodpecker will fly out of the hole South East of the spawn point and peck on the tree.

Great Horned Owl - Flies down from the sky and land on the Coral Canyons sign to the right of the Theater Lobby.

Raven - Can be found by the Wind Rider game landing on the fence just South East of it.

Chipmunk - Will be running across a tree branch in a clearing above the staircase next to the termites.

If you complete the Journey Book, you win a tree house.


Animal Jam Sarepia Forest01:32

Animal Jam Sarepia Forest

Myths & Legends

Jamaa Mysteries — Sarepia Forest!

by AJHQ, under Jamaa Mysteries

We all know that Jamaa is a magical land that is filled with fun and mystery, but did you know that all throughout Jamaa, some amazing things can happen when lots of Jammers gather together?


  • If a lot of Jammers dance around the campfire, the campfire will emit a blue aura in the shape of Mira.
    • Hopping also helps the campfire.
  • A new shop, the Topiary Shop, was added on June 10th 2015
  • The Bridge is now visible again.
  • There is a Swoopy Eagle nest above the Theater. It is meant to be Eagles and Owls only, but if you get in the right spot, you can reach it without flying!


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