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Not to be confused with the Golden Royal Cape.

The Royal Cape is a members-only land clothing item that is worn on the back. It was formerly available at Jam Mart Clothing and was first released during the Beta Testing.


This is a thick, quilt-like cape that has ornate symbols printed along the bottom edge. The cape includes a wide lining surrounding the edges, which is decorated with diamond shapes. On the inside of the cape, there are two-color stripes. This item has nine different color varieties, one of which is a rare variant.


  • The rare version of the Royal Cape was released for Rare Item Monday on September 9, 2013. It is mainly pink with a white trim and light blue accents. It was sold in Jam Mart Clothing and cost 950 Gems.
  • This item went on clearance shortly after the Beta Testing ended, but then it returned in May 2012.
  • The Royal Cape went on clearance again in June 2014, and it has not returned to stores since then.
  • This item originally cost 200 Gems, but its price increased to 400 Gems on its second release.
  • The Clover Blanket is a Lucky Day themed counterpart to the Royal Cape.
  • The Heart Cape is a Friendship Festival themed counterpart to the Royal Cape.
  • The Golden Royal Cape is a counterpart of this item from the Golden Collection.
  • It can be won as a prize in The Forgotten Desert.
  • When worn on the Coyote, it appears to have snowflakes on the back rather than the original design.



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