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A Rare Item Monday picture depicting Rare Pigtails.
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 Every Monday, a rare version of an item (sometimes it is a whole new item,) goes on sale for THAT day only. Usually, since they are considered rare, it is expensive; typically ranging from around 350 Gems—such as the Rare Head Feather—to 1,000 Gems—such as the Rare Nerd Glasses and Rare Real Musketeer Boots. The most expensive Rare-item Monday item so far was the Rare Freedom Glove, which was an incredible 3,000 Gems and was sold at Epic Wonders. Sometimes, a Rare item Monday item can be recovered in the Adventures, such as the Rare Nerd Glasses—this was previously inputed into the game, before it was announced and sold as a Rare-item Monday item. The first Rare-item Monday item was the Rare Jolly Elf Hat, which was Gray and White. Rare item Mondays are by far never worth as much as other beta rares. A good way to get rare off of Rare item Mondays are to keep that rare (for example, the rare Headdress) until it becomes  a highly sought out item.
Rare monday notice
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  • Some items formerly sold in the 'Beta-Times' were brought back later on Rare-item Monday, marked with the Rare symbol, such as the Rare Scary Bat Wings.
  • It is uncommon for Rare-item Monday items to be specifically for Ocean animals, or for Rare-item Monday items to be Den items.
  • These rares can be a non-member or a member item.


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