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Rare Pigtails

 Every Monday, a rare version of an item (sometimes it is a whole new item) goes on sale for that day only. Usually, since they are considered rare, it is expensive; typically ranging from around 350 Gems—such as the Rare Head Feather—to 1,000 Gems—such as the Rare Nerd Glasses and Rare Real Musketeer Boots. The most expensive Rare-item Monday item so far was the Rare Freedom Glove tying with Rare Glove which was an incredible 3,000 Gems and was sold at Epic Wonders and for the Rare Glove was at the Jam Mart Clothing. Sometimes, a Rare item Monday item can be recovered in the Adventures, such as the Rare Nerd Glasses—this was previously inputed into the game, before it was announced and sold as a Rare-item Monday item. The first Rare-item Monday item was the Rare Jolly Elf Hat, which was Gray and White. Rare item Mondays are by far never worth as much as other beta rares. A good way to get rare off of Rare item Mondays are to keep that rare (for example, the rare Headdress) until it becomes a highly sought out item. Watch out for scammers because they might take your rares if they missed out so be careful
Rare monday notice


  • Some items formerly sold in the Beta times were brought back later on Rare Item Monday, marked with the Rare symbol, such as the Rare Scary Bat Wings and Rare Glove.
  • It is uncommon for Rare-item Monday items to be specifically for Ocean animals, or for Rare-item Monday items to be Den items.
  • These rares can be a non-member or a member item.
  • Usually items sold for Rare Item Monday are only sold that day, but in a week or so the items are sold again for a cheaper price, but are not rare versions.
  • Sometimes, before a Rare Item Monday comes out, it can be won as a prize in the Forgotten Desert.
  • Most of the time, the Rare Item Monday is just a re-coloration of another item.
  • Many people say RIM instead of Rare Item Monday.
  • Sometimes there are two Rare versions of an item, for an example the Worn Blanket


Rare Phantom Balloon

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