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Rare Item Monday is an event where a "Rare" version of an existing item or a whole new item is sold for one day only. This event was first introduced on February 6, 2012 and occurs on every Monday of each week. Mostly, the items are for members only.


The list of items released for Rare Item Monday.


  • The first few items released for Rare Item Monday did not include the "Rare" badge. This was changed for new releases in March 2012 and the older releases were given the badge later in 2012.
  • Some items formerly sold in the Beta Stage were brought back later with the "Rare" symbol for Rare Item Monday such as the Glove.
  • Usually items sold for Rare Item Monday are only sold that day, but sometimes an item is released early or remains available for longer.
    • Some items released for Rare Item Monday have remained in stores for the entire week such as the Rare Backpack and the Rare Knitted Sweater.
  • Items released for Rare Item Monday can often be obtained as random prizes in some Adventures after they are no longer sold in stores.
  • Sometimes, before a Rare Item Monday item is officially announced or released, it can be won as a prize in The Forgotten Desert.
  • Some items have been released multiple times for Rare Item Monday such as the Rare Cupcake Hat, Glove, and Fox Hat.
  • Typically, these items are more expensive than their non-"Rare" counterparts.
  • Some items that have a rare badge were not sold as part of Rare Item Monday, such as the Rare Spiked Collar, the Rare Founders' Hat, and many others.
  • A couple items were sold during Rare Item Monday with many color variations, all of which included a rare tag, such as the Rare Glove and the Rare Fox Hat.
  • The Rare Custom Top Hat is the first Diamond Rare Item Monday.


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