The Rainbow Armor Set is a members-only collection of rainbow-themed clothing. The set was first released on June 10, 2015, and it is sold in the Diamond Shop during the summer months of Jamaa. This armor has five parts and costs 9 Diamonds total.


Most of the parts are included with an animated texture that cycles through the colors of a rainbow constantly. The helmet, gauntlets, and main armor all share a similar design of overlapping segments. The helmet and the tailpiece also share a similar plume-like design that is thick and curly.

Armor Set

Den Item Type? Diamond
RainHelm Rainbow Helmet Head 2
RainAmul Rainbow Amulet Neck 1
RainArmo Rainbow Armor Body 3
RainGaun Rainbow Gauntlets Legs 1
RainTail Rainbow Tail Armor Tail 2


  • When an Arctic Wolf is wearing the tail armor and does the play action, the tail armor will disappear for a second when the wolf is on the ground.
  • Parts of this armor set can be seen outside the clothes shop display at the Cloud Party, despite it only being sold in the Diamond Shop.
  • It's one of the few armor sets not to include some variant of "bigger" back armor. (ex. wings on the Ice and Mystical armor, the animated scarf on the Wind armor, the lighting on the Spirit armor, and the pipes on the Phantom armor)


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