For the pet counterpart, see Pet Raccoon.

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The Raccoon is a members-only land animal. It was first announced around February 2013 in the Jamaa Journal, where Jammers had to solve a puzzle to guess what the new animal would be, and they were officially released starting in March 2013. Raccoons recently started traveling on May 10, 2018. It came back as part of the World of Fantasy Bundle in August 2018.

Default Appearance

Raccoons have dark grey/purple fur and a black mask going around their eyes which is lined in white. Their ears are dark magenta, and lined with white as well. The raccoon has dark green eyes and a muzzle with a grey top and a white bottom with a small black nose. They have a bushy tail, with three light and three dark stripes, and are medium-sized in-game.


Acts Description
Sits on back legs and holds arms close to chest; tail is upright and curled slightly.
Does an Irish jig-themed dance.
Head on paws and eyes are closed with tail wrapped around them.
Jumps a medium-height.
Stands on hind legs and laughs, stomping its leg. Falls down before getting back up.



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