Pumpkin is an NPC (Non Player Character) Bunny in Return of the Phantoms. If you click on her she will give you a cork to plug the phantom pipe with.


I found this CORK, but I can't reach that Phantom PIPE over there. Can you help me?
~ Pumpkin on Return of the Phantoms (Before cork)
Thanks! Can you help PLUG the rest of the Phantom PIPES? I saw some Phantoms up ahead, so be careful!
~ Pumpkin on Return of the Phantoms (After cork)


Color One: White (1x4)

Color Two: Lime Green (8x4)

Eyes: Female Eyes

Eye Color: Dark Green

Pattern: Patches

Pattern Color: Tan Orange (2x4)

Items: Princess Necklace (green and purple variant)


  • She is the only Bunny that a player needs to talk to before moving onto the next stage of the adventure.