Not to be confused with the Police Chief Hat, Police Captain Hat, and the Jamaaliday Police Hat.

This article is about the land item. For the ocean item, see Police Hat (Underwater).

The Police Hat is an non-member land clothing item. It can be purchased at Jam Mart Clothing and was first released during the Beta Testing.


This is a wooden police-shaped hat with a badge symbol in the middle. There are feather-like spikes at the top half of the hat and a long slab of wood for the brim of the hat at the bottom half. This item comes in nine different varieties including the rare variant.


  • It went on clearance shortly after Beta Testing ended, but then it returned in March 2011.
  • It went on clearance a second time, but then later returned in September 2011.
  • On its third release, four more varieties were available for purchase.
  • It was added to one of the Hat Shops during Hatapalooza in January 2013.
  • It was put on sale for 50% off (75 Gems) during Hatapalooza in 2017.
  • The rare variant was released on September 16, 2013, for Rare Item Monday.
  • The Police Chief Hat and Police Captain Hat appear to be based off of this item.
  • This is one of several items that appear to be displayed at the entrance to Jam Mart Clothing.



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