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The-Claw Random-Plushies

A random assortment of plushies shown in The Claw

Plushies are land den items that represent animals. This is an unofficial collection of items that are all related by their name, as "Plushie" is included at the end of each one, excluding Freedom Plushies.


Most plushies take the form of a playable animal, however, there are many plushies that resemble adoptable pets as well as others that resemble other creatures entirely. Most plushies have visible fastened stitches and certain exaggerated characteristics. Also, most plushies have multiple different color variations, excluding Freedom Plushies.

Claw Plushies

  • Tiger Plushies
  • Bunny Plushies
  • Panda Plushies
  • Wolf Plushies
  • Monkey Plushies
  • Koala Plushies
  • Seal Plushies
  • Elephant Plushies
  • Rhino Plushies
  • Crocodile Plushies
  • Phantom Plushies
  • Horse Plushies
  • Penguin Plushies
  • Giraffe Plushies
  • Fox Plushies
  • Raccoon Plushies

The most common type of plushies are obtained from The Claw mini-game as a prize. These plushies represent miniature versions of creatures in the game, however, not all in-game creatures have a regular plushie counterpart.

Diamond Shop Claw Plushies

Since April 2016, newly released small plushies have only been obtainable via their respective Diamond Shop claw machine:

Conservation Museum Plushies

The plushies that were formerly sold in the Conservation Museum were all the giant type that are much larger than the in-game animals that they represent.

Touch Pool Plushies

The Touch Pool mini-game in Tierney's Aquarium rewards aquatic-themed plushies as a reward, but each of these plushies can only be rewarded once per account.

Diamond Shop Plushies

Just like the plushies that were sold in the Conservation Museum, the Diamond Shop plushies are all giant types.

Summer Carnival Plushies

  • Some of the plushies sold at the Summer Carnival
  • Some mini plushies

These plushies return to the Summer Carnival every year where they can only be purchased with Tickets.

Freedom Plushies

The freedom-themed plushies can only be purchased at the Summer Carnival during the time of the Freedom Day. Each of these plushies has only one version and their names lack the "Plushie" part that most plushies have.

Epic Plushies

  • Fox and Giraffe Epic plushies
  • Fox and Wolf Epic plushies

The Epic Plushies are unique in that they were only available to Jammers that purchased one of the Sidekix Plushies from Animal Jam Outfitters. Each of these plushies has only one version and includes a special badge as well as an interactive animation.

Jazwares Plushies

These plushies are rare counterparts of the normal claw plushies, but they can only be obtained by entering Codes that come with the plush Jazwares Toys. Each of these rare plushies includes a special accessory that is not found on the other claw plushies.

Other Plushies

  • The Jamaaliday Phantom Plushie found at the Jamaaliday Shop
  • Both Gecko Plushies

There are a variety of plushies that are not part of some larger group; these types of plushies are listed below.


  • Originally, all plushies came in one variety, but this changed on July 20, 2011.
  • Nearly all of the regular sized plushies from The Claw are non-member (excluding the Phantom Plushie).
  • Nearly all giant plushies are exclusive to members only (excluding the Giant Raccoon Plushie and the Giant Kangaroo Plushie).
  • Unreleased plushies for the Arctic Fox, Goat, and can sometimes be seen among the random plushies while playing The Claw.
  • In the AJ Jamaaliday House epic den, unreleased plushies appear such as the Polar Bear and a white Wolf.
  • There appears to be an unreleased Giant Eagle plushie in the AJ Winter Palace epic den.
  • There appears to be an unreleased Rare Seal plushie in the AJ Pixel Place epic den.
  • There appears to be an unreleased Rare Dolphin plushie in the AJ Sol Arcade and Sir Gilbert's Palace epic dens.
  • In July of 2016, AJHQ made the number of gems you earned if you recycled a plushie 45 Gems, instead of 15 Gems.


Unreleased Plushies


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