Not to be confused with Pets Only Party.

The Play-As-Your-Pet Party was released on November 21, 2013. It is the first and only party where Jammers can play as their pet. Both members and non-members can enter this party as long as they have a pet equipped that can be used in land areas.


Play-As-Your-Pet Party 2

This party is set in a close-up view of a natural outdoors area. A mushroom fountain marks the center of the party in a dirt patch with attractions on either side. Large blades of grass are the primary background for the party; they are offset only by a large flower on the left side. A house decorated with matchsticks and a house made of pencils, straws, and coins can be found at the bottom left of the party. To the bottom right is a stone castle decorated with playing cards and toy building blocks. Floating in the center of the party at the top is a fancy house decorated with marbles.


The main attractions of this party are the shops, the Pet Wash, and the unique Pet Stop.

  • The shops are divided into three locations around the party and they mostly sell pet-sized versions of regular den items. The primary shop can be found on the right side of the party at the stone castle; this shop sells a combination of members-only and non-member den items. The music shop is located on the castle's roof and sells den music that matches the music playing in this party. The last shop is a secret shop floating above the grass that can only be reached by flying pets; it sells a variety of members-only den items.
  • The Pet Wash is a members-only attraction located on the left side of the party under a small roof lined with metal coins; it is similar to the version found in Crystal Sands.
  • The Pet Stop is another members-only feature of this party; it can be found on the left side in a small, red and orange, matchstick house. The Pet Stop in this party is unique because it offers special "mystery" accessories for pets that cannot be found anywhere else.


The Play-As-Your-Pet Shop sells pet-size items.

Den Items

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Item Gems Members-Only?
Pet beach towel00 Pet Beach Towel 300 Yes
Pet diner stool00 Pet Diner Stool 250 Yes
PetLawnChair Pet Lawn Chair 300 Yes
PetChair Pet Chair 300 No
Pet-Table Plain Shop Pet Table 300 No
PetDoor.jpg Pet Door 350 Yes
Pet-Princess-Chair Red Shop Pet Princess Chair 500 Yes
Pet-Stone-Chair Blue Shop Pet Stone Chair 500 Yes
Pet-HDTV White-Blue Shop Pet HDTV 400 Yes
Pet-Heart-Couch Pink Shop Pet Heart Couch 400 Yes
Pet-Hammock Lime Shop Pet Hammock 300 Yes
Pet sports car00 Pet Sports Car 500 Yes


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Item Gems Members-Only?
Pet Playtime Pet Playtime 100 Yes


  • Although Jammers cannot put items on their trade list while in the party, they can still put items on their trade list before entering the party to make trades in the party like normal.
  • This party, along with the Pets Only Party and Year of the Rooster Party, are the only parties that require the Jammer to have a pet.
  • Players can talk and use emoticons like they normally would with their animal.
  • Players with flying pets can access a secret members-only Shop by flying up to the top of the party near the center.
  • There is a glitch where a regular land pet can walk up to the flying area and be able to explore there as if it were a flying pet.
  • There is a glitch that allows players to become a water pet at the party. They are much bigger and they have unreleased mystery clothing.
  • Pets in this party have been shrunk down much smaller than they should be relative to the party's surroundings.
  • If a player traded away the pet they were currently using, they would've become invisible. This glitch was later patched.
  • When playing as a flying pet with a flying type animal, the player cannot switch to any land pet.


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