The Pixelated Collection is an unofficial set of items that all share a similar block-like appearance with large pixels for the textures. The first item of this type, the Pixelated Wolf Head, was released on November 13, 2015. The den items are sold in Jam Mart Furniture, while the clothing items are sold in the Diamond Shop.


Jam Mart Furniture

Name Gems Members-Only
Pixelated Chair front Pixelated Chair 550 Yes
Pixelated Table 1 Pixelated Table 600 Yes
Pixelated couch1 Pixelated Couch 700 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Armoire Brown Pixelated Armoire 650 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Window Brown Pixelated Window 350 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Writing-Desk Brown Pixelated Writing Desk 450 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Rug Brown Pixelated Rug 400 No
Shop Pixelated-Tree Green Pixelated Tree 600 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Bush Green Pixelated Bush 350 No
Shop Pixelated-House-Plant Green Pixelated House Plant 400 Yes
PixelatedHDTV Brown(1) Pixelated HDTV 800 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Bookshelf Pixelated Bookshelf 500 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Fence Pixelated Fence 450 No
Pixelated pathway Pixelated Pathway 550 Yes
Pixelated lawn torch Pixelated Lawn Torch 300 Yes

Diamond Shop

The price of each clothing item is 2 Diamonds, and they are all members-only.

Name Type
Pixelated Wolf Head Pixelated Wolf Head 1Head
PixelFoxHead Pixelated Fox Head 1Head
Pixelated Raccoon Head Pixelated Raccoon Head 1Head
PixelatedTigerHead1 Pixelated Tiger Head 1Head
Pixelated Bunny Head Pixelated Bunny Head 1Head
Pixelated Cheetah Head Pixelated Cheetah Head 1Head
Diamond-Shop Pixelated-Glove Blue Pixelated Glove 4Legs
Diamond-Shop Pixelated-Tail Blue Pixelated Tail 5Tail
PixelatedLynxHead Pixelated Lynx Head 1Head
Pixelated horse head Pixelated Horse Head 1Head
Pixelated eagle head Pixelated Eagle Head 1Head
Pixelated panda head Pixelated Panda Head 1Head
Pixelated arctic fox head Pixelated Arctic Fox Head 1Head
Pixelated monkey head1 Pixelated Monkey Head 1Head
Pixelated deer head Pixelated Deer Head 1Head
Pixelated Giraffe Head Pixelated Giraffe Head 1Head
Pixelatedkoalahead Pixelated Koala Head 1Head
Otter pixelated head Pixelated Otter Head 1Head


  • The Pixel Place den matches with the items in this collection.