The Pillow Room is a small building situated in the southwest area of Jamaa Township, at the end of the path past the Sol Arcade. It was introduced sometime during Beta Testing. It was originally located immediately south of Jam Mart Clothing, but it was relocated to the southernmost building when the Sol Arcade was introduced, replacing the Medical Center in the process. The sign in front of the building is the official symbol for Buddies, which suggests that it is intended as a place for Jammers to hangout and socialize with their buddies and/or to make new buddies.


The interior is decorated with clay vessels, and seven colorful pillows placed in a circle around the room. On the exterior, the building has a straw roof, which changes shade according to the seasons. There is a sign with a tiger and a monkey together with their paw and hand up (Animal Jam's special sign for buddies).

In the spring, colorful confetti brightens the building, cherishing the season's arrival. During the summer months, the straw is changed to a golden brown shade to put every player in the hot, summer spirit. When autumn rolls around, the roof stays the same. Whilst in winter, a delicate blanket of snow covers it.

The music inside is relaxing and seems to be played by an acoustic guitar, which is meant to make all Jammers and their buddies to feel cozy.


  • The entrance is positioned nearby a bridge to Kimbara Outback on the left and Jamaa Derby on the right.
  • The Pillow Room is not seen in the Jamaa Township part of the World Map.
  • If a player moves to the far bottom left corner, they will "disappear" behind the silhouettes of pots in the foreground.
  • Before the Pillow Room existed, the building used to be called the Medical Center. It was decorated with various pieces of doctor's equipment, and medicines.


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