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The Phoenix Armor Set is a collection of matching clothing items that are sold at the Diamond Shop. They were first released on June 20, 2013, but then they were removed during June 2014. They returned for a second release on August 18, 2016.


This set consists of five phoenix-themed armor pieces for the head, back, neck, legs, and tail. Each piece includes red flames, some of which are animated when worn. The back, tail, and leg pieces share a similar design with golden armor segments.


Name Price
Phoenix Armor 3
Phoenix Tail Armor 2
Phoenix Helmet 2
Phoenix Leg Armor 1
Phoenix Amulet 1


  • The armor was displayed on a Snow Leopard statue in the Diamond Shop.
  • When this set went on clearance, the Wind Armor Set was released in its place.
  • There have been a few reports of glitches caused by the tail armor.
    • One example is the Koala's tail armor is invisible when worn.
    • When a Koala is sleeping with the wings, it appears as a red stick waving out of the back.
    • If a Penguin sleeps while wearing the wings and/or claws, they flash and glitch.
    • If a Tiger wears the hat and faces backwards, it becomes see-through.
  • This was the first Diamond Shop armor set released.
  • On its first release, the entire set cost 7 Diamonds, but its total price was increased to 9 Diamonds (like the other armor sets) when it returned in 2016.
  • Based on the mythical creature, the Phoenix symbolizes the bird of rebirth.


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